İzmir Metro reached Göztepe

İzmir Metro reached Göztepe: Göztepe station of İZMİR metro was opened to passenger voyages. The total length of the metro line reached 16.5 kilometers with the Göztepe Station, which Izmir residents started to use for free for a while. It was announced that the trial runs will start on April 30 at the last two stations, Poligon and Üçkuyular.
Göztepe Station was opened to passenger flights on the morning of March 25, as İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu had previously announced. The 11.5 km Üçyol - Bornova line of İzmir Metro reached 2012 kilometers with the opening of Ege University, Evka 3 and İzmirspor and Hatay stations in 15.5. With the Göztepe station opened today, it reached 16.5 kilometers. With the Polygon and Fahrettin Altay stations, which President Kocaoğlu announced that trial voyages will begin on April 30, the number of stations will reach 17 and the route will reach approximately 20 km.

One of the first passengers of Göztepe Station was Sönmez Alev, General Manager of İzmir Metro. Alev said, “The number of passengers increased by 2001 percent between 2013 and 118. İzmir Metro carried approximately 2013 million passengers in 66, achieving a 2012% increase compared to 22. In 2014, it gained an important place in İzmir public transportation system with the number of passengers reaching 250 thousand a day. With the opening of Fahrettin Altay Station, this number will reach 320 thousand.

The integration of İZBAN's 80-kilometer subway line with the subway mutually affected the number of passengers. Metro and İZBAN carry 500 thousand passengers a day. Soon, with the extension of Izban to Torbalı and the opening of Polygon and Fahrettin Altay Stations, the rail public transportation system will serve many more Izmir residents. A total of 1 million 750 thousand passengers are transported by public vehicles in İzmir. 500 thousand of this, that is 30 percent, use the rail system, ”he said.

Alev said that after the test studies, they started to take passengers safely from Göztepe Station, and that the passengers getting on from here, like the previous stations, will not pay a fee for a while. Stating that similar tests have begun at the remaining Polygon and Üçkuyular stations, they aim to put them into service as soon as possible, “10 new wagon tenders were made. 85 wagons will be tendered. More than 77 wagons will be added to the existing 95 wagons. Our passenger expectation is very high. The flight frequency will continue as 4 minutes. However, technically, we also started a study to respond to the 2-minute voyage frequency of the signaling system ”.

Göztepe Station was one of the largest stations in the Izmir Metro system with three floors and 10 thousand 500 square meters construction area. Due to the geological structure of the ground, special engineering methods were applied in the construction of the station. The station was built at a depth of 26 meters. 41 thousand cubic meters of excavation, 2 thousand tons of iron, 8 bin 760 meters piles were manufactured at the station below the settlement areas. The rails were mounted by fixing concrete directly without using ballast.

Göztepe station, the platform floor, ticket hall floor and three floors consisted of an intermediate floor. Three passenger entrances to the road level and two handicapped elevators took place. The station is equipped with 18 escalators and 5 elevators.

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