Horrible accident in İZBAN

A terrible accident in İZBAN: 15-year-old boy fell on the rails, the driver's brake could not save the child. 15-year-old Hamdi Can, who fell on the rails at the station in the Aliağa district ofİZMİR, died under the train of İzmir Suburban Line (İZBAN).
Hamdi Can, one of the passengers waiting at Aliağa Station, got up from the bench at 09.30:30036 when İZBAN saw the train coming. Meanwhile, staggering Can fell on the rails. The train driver Mümin Şen, who was entering the station, with the number XNUMX, could not stop even if the brake was applied and crushed the young man. The first intervention to Hamdi Can, who was found to have fallen on the rails, was made by the station officials. It was noticed that the young man, who was determined to have passed over his waist, was living and an ambulance was requested. However, Hamdi Can lost his life before the ambulance arrived at the scene. The passengers at the station could not overcome the shock of the incident that occurred in front of their eyes for a long time. The gendarmerie and station officials who reached his family in Gaziemir on Can's mobile phone, reported the death.
Following the investigation of the gendarmerie and prosecutor at the crime scene, Hamdi Can's body was taken to the Morgu of the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy. While the investigation was continuing, engineer Şen, who applied to the statement of the gendarmerie, said, “When I saw the boy on the rails, I braked. Because the distance was so close, I couldn't stand. I'm sorry ”he said. Gendarmerie launched an investigation into the accident.




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