Istanbul Metro should run until morning

Istanbul Metro should work until the morning: CHP Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Candidate Mustafa Sarıgül said, “We definitely want the Istanbul metro to work every hour between 12.00-06.00 at night.”
arıgül asked a member of the press about the working hours of the subways, saat Public services 24 hours must continue. We also want the Istanbul subway to work at night between 12.00 and 06.00. We receive significant complaints from our citizens on this issue. There are employees up to 01.00. Git There are important problems for our working children to go home. Çalışan Afterwards, Sarıgül, who visited the station and saluting the citizens at the entrance of the garage, departed from Sirkeci by taking the selection bus.

📩 30/11/2018 11:47

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