Marmara University designs the Istanbul Metro

Istanbul Metro is designed by Marmara University: At the 4th Railway Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair at Yeşilköy İstanbul Fair Center, Istanbul metro cars designed by Marmara University (M.Ü) were introduced.
According to the statement made by Marmara Media Center; exemplary wagons of the Istanbul subway were exhibited for visitors at the fair.
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan visited the fair. Dr. Zafer Gul, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Director General Suleyman Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Karaman Transport Inc. General Manager Omar Stars, made by the industrial design of the Marmara University studied new cars.
Professor Dr. Gul noted that a good example of university-industry cooperation is taking place and that the cooperation between the state institutions will continue to increase.
- First step for domestic tram
The first step for the “local tram” was taken in 1999, while the first prototype of the domestic tram wagon, “RTE 2000”, was produced. 2009 more tram wagons were produced under the name “RTE 4” and took its place on the tracks in 2009. In addition to the 4 tram wagons produced earlier, the new tram wagons with its renewed technology have gained great popularity with their cost and designs. The wagons, previously imported for 3,5 million euros, were produced for 50 million euros, at a cost of 1,57 percent less. These wagons, which can be used as both light metro and tram, were designed in accordance with the conditions of Istanbul.
- Simplicity and function came to the fore
An industrial design project was built at Marmara University for the 100 percent domestic wagons that came into service of Istanbul residents to have a modern look. While new designs with rounded lines have been used in recent years, simplicity and functionality were brought to the fore in the interior. Passing all tests under the supervision of accredited institutions in accordance with international standards, wagons also have certificates of conformity.
Up until now, the 18 units were produced and two of the new railcars, which were reduced to the rails, were put into service in the coming weeks.


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