İnegöl Rail System

inegol light rail guzergahi
inegol light rail guzergahi

Inegol Rail System: Inegol Mayor and AK Party candidate Alinur Aktas, who continue their election activities with point rallies, said they would bring tram to the district.

Mayor Alinur Aktaş, candidates for municipal council members and residents of the neighborhood attended the point rally in Cumhuriyet and Fatih neighborhoods. Stating that what AK Party has fulfilled in its election declarations, Aktaş said, “We, as a municipality, have fulfilled all but 2009-5 of our projects we carried out in 6 elections. In addition, there are also works we do. In 2009, Alanyurt's legal personality was lifted and 6 neighborhoods were connected to İnegöl. We evaluated the complaints and opened a botanical park in the area of ​​2 million tons of garbage. There are no dumps any more. There is a botanical park overlooking the Boğazköy dam. Now, the first stage will be about to be completed, and the second stage will be a much more perfect area. This is an area of ​​110 acres. In particular, I would like you to see there. You know, the town hall has been here before.

Alanyurt 30-32 is a very large settlement consisting of 6 neighborhoods where thousands of people live. We have built a boutique municipal additional service building to the middle point. The old building is used by the police. Alanyurtspor was built as a social facility. We will also have a ground study related to the field. The construction of the Dental Hospital is continuing rapidly. As of June, we plan to finish it completely. Again, the Social Security Institution 50-60 is an issue that concerns a thousand people. The SSI building is built between the municipal additional service building and the health center. 2-3 will be operational within the month. There's another building coming up. That's the Social Service Center. As you know, we divided the road from the crossroads into double roads. Now with the new tender 2. The road to OSB separation will be a complete split road. After that, it will continue until Yenişehir. A road with a width of 12 meters will be built. I would like to thank our deputy Hüseyin Şahin. ”

Aktaş also mentioned the new term projects, hat We will bring a light rail system on this straight line between Yıldız Houses and Fatih Mosque among our new term projects. There is no light rail system (tram) in the district after Bursa center. It will be in İnegöl for the first time. Those who want to go to the center of the bazaar, who want to go to the AVM, the current location of the hospital, those who want to go to the Police Department, both cheap and quality will be reached. Now, with the new law, the metropolitan cities will be the protector of the district municipalities, which are related to infrastructure and transportation. We want to realize one of the projects we undertake in a short time. Ta
Following the Cumhuriyet and Fatih point rally, the delegation of the AK Party continued its election activities in the EsyTepe District of Alanyurt.

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