The terrible accident in Ankara Metro

A terrible accident in the Ankara Metro: A tragic accident occurred in the subway, where hundreds of thousands of people were transported every day in Ankara. In the subway maintenance station, Mehmet Dukan (47), who fell under the train, lost his life while he helped to park the train which he was a citizen. Osman Ç. was detained. It was learned that Dukan and Osman Ç.
According to information received, today in the evening hours at the Ankara Metro Maintenance Station in Macunkoy a terrible accident occurred. In the incident, Mehmet Dukan (47), a survivor who helped to pull the train to the park, died badly.
He tried to get on the train
According to the allegations, Dukan and his fellow trainee Osman Ç. in the evening on the completion of the metro station brought to the maintenance station. Dukan and his friend set out to park the train. Osman Ç. Dukan was sitting in the driver's seat of the train and operated the electric system outside the train so that the train could move. Dukan then began to run on a moving train. In the meantime, the unfortunate mother of the foot sliding down on the tracks, the train remained under the moving train. In the driver's seat Osman Ç. he continued to move the train by not seeing his friend falling on the rails. Dukan was dragged under the moving train and lost his life.
10 was a year-old employee
After the incident the situation was immediately reported to medical teams and police. The body of the homeland who was killed was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institution and the other father was Osman Ç. was detained. Osman Ç. Mehmet Dukan who lost his life with the 10 learned that they work together over the years. Dukan died and was reported to be the father of 2 children.
It was the first time
Authorities in charge of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality subway said they experienced great sadness about the accident. Officials said, ilk This is the first time that an accident occurs in our track. The investigation has been started to clarify all aspects of the incident. It's too painful for you to be your two colleagues. We wish to have mercy on our deceased staff. Yap It was learned that the investigation was started by the prosecution after the event.


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