Fire in high-speed train tunnel

High-speed train tunnel fire: Bilecik, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) started the fire in the tunnel, the damage occurred in the locomotive.
In BİLECİK, a fire broke out in the 100-meter-long tunnel, where the construction of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line was carried out, in the locomotive of the train carrying the welding tube and the rail. Fire crews had difficulty in intervening due to the fact that the fire, which was stated to be due to a technical malfunction in the engine part of the locomotive, was inside the tunnel. The locomotive driver and 3 Chinese personnel left the tunnel with their own means when the fire started.
The incident took place at noon in the Bilecik-Bozüyük YHT line in the tunnel number 12 in Ahmetpınarı location. During the YHT line work carried out by a Chinese company, a fire broke out in the engine parts of the locomotive that carried the wagons loaded with welding tubes and connecting rails. When the flames surrounded the locomotive in the fire, which was stated to be due to technical malfunction, the mechanic and 3 Chinese personnel came out of the tunnel and asked for help. Upon the notice, the fire department, the 112 emergency service and the teams affiliated to the Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate were dispatched to the scene.
Firefighters in the tunnel due to intense smoke fire intervention in the tunnel continued. Teams, the locomotive was removed from the tunnel with a railway tow truck completely extinguished the fire. Authorities said the investigation was continuing.



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