Towers of the Golden Horn

Towers of the Golden Horn: Since the 1995 where it came to the agenda, the Halic Metro Bridge has been opened, which has been criticized especially for its historical peninsula and the appearance of Suleymaniye Mosque. According to the statement of Topbaş, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, this opening was a İstanbul struggle İstanbul.
The Golden Horn Metro Bridge, which connects the Istanbul Metro with the historical peninsula, opened at 15 February 2014. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Kadir Topbas, "the Golden Horn Metro Bridge is a long story, but praise today we have reached a happy ending," he began in his speech, "the lost" 19 the economic equivalent of the year is perhaps a few more bridges said:
ESCO We fought against those who complained to UNESCO. We came today. This bridge is a technology marvel and has the first applications in the world. It is an engineering wonder with its most elegant and delicate bastions. This bridge, which can be opened in 90 degrees, is a first in the world with these features. X
Atlas was among the bahs complainants gibi of the bridge, if not for UNESCO, as mentioned by Mr Topbaş; he struggled to fulfill his responsibility for journalism, and those who opposed the bridge for concrete reasons, at least le another bridge is possible, u separated his pages. They struggled to make their voice known to the IMB and the President of the project, and Topbas struggled with them. As can be seen from the opening speeches, these people are shown as if they were against the metro or public transportation. With the opening of the bridge, it seems that the municipality won this struggle by insisting on not hearing the ücad opposite Kö side.
The main objection was that the historical peninsula and the world-famous masterpiece Suleymaniye Mosque and its complex would be obstructed by this bridge. However, the municipality of Istanbul, which is on the World Heritage list, did not inform the UNESCO World Heritage Committee about the inevitable project. When the IMM did not fulfill this responsibility, it turned out to be a UM complaint ğı according to Topbas, and Istanbul received warnings that it could be out of this list since 1985. The negative impact of the bridge to the historical peninsula and Suleymaniye Mosque was reflected in the nine reports of the committee, from the 2006.
Metro bridge, the committee's 5 July 2013 dated dated in the last decision was taken. In The Committee recognizes that the competent authority considers the approach and various ways to suspend the work on the Golden Horn Bridge for a year to improve its design and reduce the infringement of the historical landscape; and that the land has a negative impact on its ability to communicate some of its characteristics regarding the Distinguished Universal Value.

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