They went to Vote on Hakkaride (Photo Gallery)

📩 24/11/2018 13:28

They went to Vote in Hakkar with the Primitive Ropeways: In the province of Hakkari, the voting of the 533 bin 148 ballot in the 424 ballot is going on.

Citizens in the morning despite the effective rain and severe storms, the polls were going to vote. The family of the farmer, who lived in Derav neighborhood on the Hakkari-Çukurca highway on the Hakkari-Çukurca highway, had to cross the Zap water with a ropeway.

Each year, dozens of lives on the Zap water, with the cable car adversely moving family members, passing through the water to the opposite side of the vehicles waiting for them here, home to the XenX Village Primary School in the distance to go to the Grape village used.

Emet Çiftçi young people, Zap water is located on the opposite side of their homes, expressing that they provide transportation to the ropeway because they do not have a bridge, only the time, each time they provide transportation in this way, he said. Farmer's father, Ismail Ciftci Zap water with their own facilities on the cable car set up, said the Farmer family, including 30 population, the land on the opposite side of the water provided by many families in the transportation of this way, stating that they are accustomed to this situation no longer dangerous, he said.

The residents of Üzümcü, where the gendarmerie teams took security measures in the vicinity, voted in the Üzümcü Village Primary School. Parents waiting in the hall, the names of officials, reading the names of the ballots used by passing the vote.