Goodyear Company Received Europe's Best Employer Award

The Goodyear Company is honored with the Best European Business Award: Goodyear Company's policies and practices in the field of Human Resources across Europe have been awarded by the Top Employers Institute.
In the field of human resources (HR), Goodyear obtained the best employer certification in the country, including Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and the UK.
The Top Employers Institute determines the world's best human resources policies and practices.
The Goodyear Company, one of the world's leading tire manufacturers, has once again been awarded the tarafından Best European Employer Award Top by the famous Top Employers Institute.
Goodyear Company's policies and practices in the field of Human Resources in Europe were rewarded by the Top Employers Institute. Regarding this award, Rajy D'Souza, Goodyear EMEA Region Human Resources Deputy Manager, said: “It is an excellent success to be selected as the 'Best Employer' once again in the field of Human Resources. This award is a testament to our commitment to provide an exceptional working environment within the company to attract and retain highly motivated, integrated and talented employees. ”
Top Employers Institute awards participating organizations that prove to offer, the highest standards to their employees ına with the Best Employer certificate. The certification process is based on the results of al Best Practice Research in HR Area ini, which evaluates the human resources activities carried out in specific areas such as strategy, policy practices, monitoring of employee status and development, and communication on these issues. Within the scope of the evaluation process, an independent audit based on these research results is also carried out.
Known as the CRF Institute, the Top Employers Institute, headquartered in the Netherlands, has been determining the Best Employer worldwide since 1991. David Plink, CEO of Top Employers Institute, said: imizi We have been evaluating and certifying companies for many years using our registered method all over the world. We attach great importance to objectivity, independence and selectivity. As a result, existing and potential employees, the development of their employees can rely on certified companies that offer perfect conditions, '' he said.

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