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Generali from Robin Hood Pricing Good Driver Assurance Generali: Generali, one of Europe's largest insurance company 3, Turkey is introducing a new pricing strategy in the market. This new pricing offers various options with different budgets for Generali products by rewarding good drivers without damage history. As with Robin Hood, Generali Sigorta offers a great advantage to undamaged vehicle drivers with different price options.
Generali Sigorta has brought vitality to the sector with the new products it offers to the market and the impressive price options it has determined for these products. New pricing, people living in large cities, especially 35-50 age, small or medium-sized people and people who have less damage to the history of the chance to get a more affordable price. Young parents who own a new car can also benefit from Generali's advantageous prices.
Petar Dobric, Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning and Business Development, Generali Insurance, commented:: We thought that when targeting drivers who didn't have a history of damage, they should have a privilege. We created a special tariff for them. Thus, we have faced a tariff that provides an even more affordable price to drivers without a history of damage. In addition, we are offering a discount of up to% 70 from the fixed price in compulsory traffic insurance. Bir
Generali rewards good and safe drivers, giving the best possible prices. New pricing is being tailored to the customer's damage history. Generali takes into account the risk calculation of customers when the price is determined. As a result, good drivers always pay reasonable prices.
Petar Dobric added the following comments:
Uz First, we focus on drivers with no damage history. In other words, those who do not have a history of damage receive a better price offer than us. We do this for the following reason; some companies are able to increase the prices of those who do not have the damage to meet the price paid to those with damage history. We believe this is unfair and we want each customer to pay for their own risk. That's why we've produced tailor-made solutions for customers with no history of damage. Bu
In addition to this main pricing strategy, Generali offers Prestige Traffic Insurance up to% 70 in compulsory traffic insurance. Generali, who calculates risk with the most advanced technology while preparing the quotations offered to the customers, is determined by the customer according to the amount of compensation that can be benefited from, the claim history, vehicle data and the personal information of the policy owner.
Generali along with this new innovative pricing and product strategy in the coming years with the highest level of technology operating in Turkey is aiming to be the insurance company.



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