Erik Ski Slope Opens in Gaziantep (Photo Gallery)

Erikçe Ski Track Opened in Gaziantep: The synthetic grass ski track built in the Erikçe Park Forest, one of the important recreation areas that will bring vitality to Gaziantep's social life, was opened with a ceremony.


There are 7400 tracks in the facility, which is established on a total of 2 square meters of grass skiing area. The professional track is 240 m long and athletes reach speeds of 60-70 km while sliding. The amateur track is 160 meters long. Turkey's first synthetic grass ski slope, is now brought to the foot of the snow, his wife in Gaziantep citizens as before. The facility, which is open to the public, has also entered the international race calendars. In addition to the race tracks, there is also a training and tubing area. There are also all ski sets where 300 people will be trained at the same time.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Asım Güzelbey stated that they made investments that will encourage the public to sports, and that the residents of Gaziantep and the guests coming here will not go to places such as Uludağ and Erciyes for skiing from now on, they will ski in Erikçe and that the social life in the city will be more revitalized with such investments.

AK Party Gaziantep Deputy and Metropolitan Mayor candidate Fatma Şahin, MPs Derya Bakbak and Mehmet Erdoğan, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Asım Güzelbey, Deputy Governor Cemalettin Özdemir, Şahinbey District Governor Uğur Turan and the opening of the Erikçe Ski Center, which was built by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in the Erikçe Forest, and Şehitkamil District Governor Mehmet Aydın and the guests attended.
Speaking at the opening of the ceremony, Güzelbey said, “Today, countries are not competing in the world, cities are competing. Those who make a difference among these competing cities are always one step ahead. Gaziantep is one of the cities that make a difference ”. President Asım Güzelbey continued as follows:
“In addition, new investments were made in the region to encourage sports. Besides social activities; In the area where sports activities are also included, there is a 3 thousand 300 meter long running track, paintball facility and an adventure park. After the arrangement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, Erikçe Urban Forest will increase sports enthusiasts. "
Fatma Şahin, on the other hand, emphasized the importance of sports and thanked Güzelbey for the work done. After the speeches, members of the protocol opened the ski center. Skiers from Germany and France also performed a ski show in the center, which was established on a grassy ground.


Gaziantep, once called "Paris of the Southeast" and recently adorned by extraordinary museums built to preserve historical and cultural heritage, has become a center of attraction with its smart structure, ecological studies, 11 km long park in the heart of the city, Alleben Pond and the promenade built around it. There is no need to mention its kebabs and pistachios, while making a name for itself with its areas, restored mansions, and universities with a number of four.

So where did the ski slope come from? Is there a ski center in Kebab City now, to melt the eaten kebabs? Of course not.


“The world is changing now and in this changing world, not countries are competing. In these competing cities, those who make a difference are always one step ahead.
As Gaziantep, we paid great attention to 2 issues; One of them is the historical and cultural identity of Gaziantep. Gaziantep has come to a different place with around 2500 historical artifacts restoration and museum, planaterium and science center. I think it is necessary to do modern things in order to increase the living standards of the people here. Years ago, I remember when I worked as a doctor in Germany me clinical director took me like a ski run together maybe 30 years has passed no such centers in Turkey we investigated it, we made the contract if the best in Europe where they are made, and we have done here, that idea my father


Now it does not snow even in snow countries, it is a little difficult with artificial snow. But this synthetic ski track will add a different excitement to the city, maybe it will not be like the original. We are not like Sweden or Norway in nature, but it is a new alternative for the people of Gaziantep, a new excitement, a new lifestyle ...
All of this place was built by the Municipality. An area of ​​214 hectares. First, children's playgrounds were built here, and bungalows and places for people to have a picnic were built. Then we did this place, exactly, the number has not come out until now. Because there is a restaurant, there are tracks and there are those that continue. As a result, Gaziantep is worthy of all of these, and Gaziantep Municipality is now a powerful and capable municipality.

Those in this category can enter international races. It is not possible to get up and make big and small slalons here. We have talked with the President of Ski Federation, the Sports Minister in particular have invited such a thing is done for the first time in Turkey, but he could not come because of the intensity of the program, but this time we can determine a roadmap perhaps come together again. Only the Chairman of the Ski Federation told us something like this: we can do training activities here, which is a nice thing.