FIATA Headquarters Meeting Held in Zurich

The FIATA Central Meeting was held in Zurich: The annual FIATA annual Center Meeting in Zurich, Switzerland was held between 20-23 March 2014.
FIATA within the body of the institute, advisory board and working groups in different areas of the sector to find solutions to current issues and problems.
the meetings, Turkey and the sector representing UTIKAD President, Vice President, FIATA and Seaway Working Group Member Turgut Erkeskin, UTIKAD Board Member and FIATA Road President of the Working Group Kosta Sandalcı UTIKAD Road Working Group and Fiat Road Working Group Member UTIKAD Ekin Climbing General Director Cavit Ugur attended.
During the 3 day-long meetings, the UTIKAD delegation met with members of the FIATA Working Group and representatives of the member countries and exchanged information on various issues.
Bulgaria, Romania and Russia
Bulgaria and Turkey's transit document problems experienced by Romania and Russia follow the issue of guarantees that the TIR Carnet, FIATA Road Working Group were discussed in detail at the meeting.
Chairman of the UTIKAD Board Member Rica at the FIAT Road Working Group Meeting conducted by the Boatmen, Turkey, Bulgaria and the problems experienced between Romania yet drawing attention incapable solution was raised to the surprise of the agenda again the problem.
In addition, due to the additional collateral application of Russia since January of last year, a decrease of 13 in the use of TIR carnet has been revealed that the findings of the meeting, the unnecessary waiting times would increase the transportation costs and the efforts to expand the TIR system was expressed concerns. At the meeting, a recommendation was taken to take necessary steps to be taken by relevant national and international organizations in order to permanently solve the problems experienced at Russian customs gates.
The difficulties faced by Turkish transporters in the international markets and the unfair competition they experienced have continued to adversely affect the sector, and that the disputes between the countries should be coordinated with FIATA, CLECAT, IRU before they can be evaluated by the European Union and should be coordinated in a timely manner.
Call for FIATA Istanbul 2014
At FIATA Central Meetings where FIATA's authorized bodies meet regularly and evaluate the global logistics sector, the presentation of the FIATA World Congress to be held in Istanbul on the dates of 13-18 October 2014 was also presented by UTİKAD and the participants were informed about the congress.
UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin, FIATA Working Group made a presentation to the members of Turkey, emphasized the importance of international trade and logistics market, the Turkish transportation and as the logistics sector of the world trade in shares in the global transport market pointed out that gradually increasing.
Environmental countries the growth in international trade of energy that they have the potential resources and logistics in Turkey that draws strongly the gold that brought a strategic location Turgut Erkeskin, FIATA Istanbul 20104 World Congress attendees, Turkish logistics sector capabilities, with the advantages and opportunities closely see and cooperation opportunities He said that he would create a perfect environment for development and called for the FIATA Istanbul 2014 World Congress.
Last October the FIATA Presidency office in selected Francesco Parisi too late, the development of the region with a strong economy is the most important factor is that Turkey, Europe, representing half of the trade in the world, Asia, and drew attention to the Middle East to the junction and said: "Turkey transportation and logistics The growing role of the sector and its increasing share in the global market clearly demonstrate the growth in the economy. In recent years, UTIADAD's proactive role in FIATA, which represents the World Logistics Industry, proves this. Son
FIATA President Parisi explained that the whole logistics sector, FIATA's new projects will be introduced and the developments in different areas of the sector will be shared.

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