Women's Elegance in Antalya Rail System

Women's Elegance in Antalya Rail System: Women who work as trainers on the Antalya Rail System carry thousands of people on the trams safely Vatman does not sweat from women: `` Driving a 35-meter-long 67-ton vehicle is not a fee for every father, but this profession can be done by women, everything can be done with determination. "
Women working as trainers on the Antalya Rail System (ANTRAY) are proud of safely transporting thousands of people a day on iron rails.
While 35 of the 5 people sitting in the seat of the iron rails consist of women, the hand of women adds elegance to the trams, which are about 35 meters long, weighing 75 tons. The female vatman, who started working early in the morning, can leave the vatman cabin they enter only during the break during the day.
Stating that they have difficulties in using trams and require a lot of attention, the vatman women dominate the railroads with the vehicle they use. Summarizing the difficulty of their profession with the words “Not every father is the fee of the father”, the vatman women state that they are loyal to their profession.
Vatman women Pınar Terlemez, AA correspondent, said the municipality after the declaration of the declaration of citizenship with the support of his family and friends decided to apply, doing the job of doing business, he said.
Stating that he got into the service at 04.40, came to the workplace at 05.15 and took the keys of his vehicles from the Traffic Control Center and started working, Terlemez said, “Our first vehicle starts the journey at 05.30:20. The trams after that are also 11 minutes apart… XNUMX trams go on a daily basis, ”he said.
Tram stop from the stop to Fatih Square to the station about the Terlemez, Vatmanlar Square at the stop by returning to the cabin, the line is 11 kilometers long, he said.
Stating that they work about 7,5 hours a day and have 30 minutes of food and need breaks, Terlemez said, “We travel about 120-130 kilometers a day. Some days, we work from 09.00 to 20.00 as backups. ”
"Not every daddy's fee"
Terlemez explained that there are people who see the homeland as a very simple profession but it is not easy because this work is both exhausting and requires attention.
“Using a 35-meter long 67-ton vehicle is not the cost of every father, but women can do this profession, and everything can be done with determination. When we stop at the stops, we pay close attention to the risk of jamming of passengers. We control from 12 cameras inside and outside the tram. Apart from this, it is a profession that requires attention because there is a lot of open space on the line, as well as pedestrians, bicycles, engines and vehicles.
Terlemez, who emphasized what was happening inside the cabin which was not seen by many people and how the tram was stopped and stopped, told that the tram was not the same as the normal vehicles.


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