KBU 4. Eurasia Rail attended the rail fair

KBÜ attended the 4th Eurasia Rail railway fair: KBÜ participated in the 4th Eurasia Rail railway fair - Karabük University participated in the Eurasia Rail International Railway Fair, the world's third largest railway fair.
Karabük University Rail Systems Engineering and Rail Systems Club took an important role in meeting the needs of the sector's qualified personnel. Many studies such as academic studies, vocational training activities, technical projects and symposium studies were introduced. Karabük University, which attracted the attention of many institutions and organizations, national and international participants, received support, training and internship from many companies in the world.
Karabük University Kemal Rail Club President Faruk Dogan, many companies, we have the limelight from Turkey and the world, we have received very positive feedback. In addition to the professional work carried out in this field, Karabuk University also gives hope that qualified engineers will be trained. Stating that we are improving the horizon of the sector, the company officials and the support of the participants make us even more happy. We know that we will undertake much bigger works, he said.



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