Eskişehir Railway Culture Photography Exhibition (Video)

Eskişehir Railway Culture Photo Exhibition: Minister of National Education Nabi Avcı visited the “Eskişehir Railway Culture Photography Exhibition”, which was held within the scope of Eskişehir 2013 Turkic World Capital of Culture events.
In his speech at the exhibition at the Odunpazarı Cultural Center, Avcı noted that Eskişehir is almost the crossroads of railway culture.
Saying, “There is a railway culture in Eskişehir that started with the towage workshops before the republic”, Avcı said, “Our dear friend Mustafa Aksay knows from the show named 'Hicaz Railway', which has been shown internationally by many of us. Today, we had the opportunity to visit the exhibition about our railway culture, which was curated by Mustafa Aksay Bey ”.
Aksay, on the other hand, referring to the fact that the exhibition in question is only a sample work, said, “We will do the actual work by transforming the warehouse inside the existing Station Building into a museum. Continuous film and exhibition presentations will be held here ”.
Eskişehir Governor Güngör Azim Tuna, AK Party deputies Salih Koca and Ulker Can and other interested parties attended.




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