Specially Trained Teams will intervene

Specially Trained Response Teams Will accidents at Erciyes in Kayseri Provincial Health Director Ahmet Öksüzkaya, AA correspondent, said the arrival of ski tourism and mountaineering in Turkey.

Pointing out that healthcare professionals and search and rescue teams also need to increase their knowledge and experience against accidents that may occur in mountain sports, Öksüzkaya said, He said that they saw the work and activities of the International Mountain Emergency Medical Response Unit ICAR MEDCOM on site.

- They trained in 25 different subjects

Öksüzkaya used during the activity period, system algorithm in disaster situations, interagency coordination and communication, triage applications, use of helicopter in mountain search rescue, common working principles and job descriptions of different disciplines such as fire brigade, ambulance, police, military, avalanche search and rescue techniques, 25 different from equipment, ropeway and chairlifts, patient recovery and first aid, mountain patient examination, expected conditions, equipment used and patient's sled evacuation, examination and first aid of cases of hypothermia, conditions and doses that require analgesic applications, patient examination at high altitude. stressed that they received training on the subject.

At the end of the training, Ösüzkaya stated that all participants were given 80 hourly mountain search rescue certificate and Europass Mobility certificate by ICAR MEDCOM.

“Interventions to be applied to injuries in mountain sports can be different from normal practices. Painkiller application is different, especially at high altitude. Attention should be paid to the dosage and content of the drug used. Hypothermia, known as falling due to skiing, symptoms traumas or a drop in body temperature due to high altitude during climbing, are among the common health problems. In addition, depending on the severity of the fall, fragmented and open fractures can be seen in mountain sports. It is important to treat these fractures early and correctly. Our certified expert team will intervene first against any injury that may occur during skiing or climbing in Erciyes. "

In Turkey, the first time they trained themselves to expressing Öksüzkaya about it, especially ski resorts and mountain sports with the provinces would share their knowledge and experience is made, he stressed.

The first aid issue is very important Öksüzkaya attention, non-experts will make a small wrong intervention of the injured or the rest of his life may cause the patient to experience serious health problems, he said.