Skiing in Erciyes Ski Center in April

Skiing at Erciyes Ski Center in April: The snowfall, which has been effective from the night at Kayseri Erciyes Ski Center, has made tourism professionals smile. Yücel İkiler, Deputy General Manager of Erciyes Inc., Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Erciyes wore his white wedding gown again with the snowfall that continued intermittently, and the mountain turned completely white.

Expressing that they expect the snowfall to affect the ski season positively, İkiler said: “We are trying to make use of every snowfall as we try to keep our facilities alive with artificial snow. After the snowfall that has been effective since the night, the snow thickness in the Tekir region has reached 10 centimeters. We have come to the end of the ski season that we started on December 14, but our goal is to ski in Erciyes in April. We hope that this falling snow will enable us to see April during the ski season.

There is a strong wind right now. When the wind stops, our technical team will make the necessary inspections. He will decide whether to ski or not by looking at the condition of the tracks. " Stating that the wind, which reaches 80 kilometers per hour from time to time, is effective in the region, Tekir and Hacılar said that they had to close the gondola-type cable cars due to the type and wind, and that they would continue to serve the citizens by reopening if the wind stopped. On the other hand, a group of skiers from Russia enjoyed skiing at Erciyes Hacılar Kapı. Ski lovers said that it is very pleasing that even at the end of March, skiing is possible in Erciyes.


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