High Speed ​​Train Project from Erbil to Carry Cargo and Passengers to Diyarbakır

Fast Train Project to Carry Cargo and Passengers from Erbil to Diyarbakır: AK Party Diyarbakır Metropolitan Mayor candidate Galip Ensarioğlu stated that the projects they prepared included a train line between Diyarbakır and Erbil city in Northern Iraq. He said they were planning to build the Prison 'Museum of Confronting the Past, Human Rights and Democracy'.
Stating that there are train projects between Diyarbakır and Erbil city of Northern Iraq, Ensarioğlu said that the project is ready to be financed and negotiations will be held with the Iraqi government. Ensarioğlu said: “It is not yet a project approved by our Prime Minister. Negotiations will also be held with the Iraqi Government. It will be a joint project of all of us, which will be owned by Diyarbakır and the region. The transportation of Diyarbakır to the ports is an important project that will enable the raw material to reach the organized industry. Erbil is an important commercial center, a high-speed train to be made from here will make Diyarbakır the most important economic center of this geography. High speed train is not a high speed train. The high-speed train speeds 280 kilometers, but the load is not carried. The high speed train speeds 160 kilometers and carries both cargo and people. This is what we need. A project with an approximate cost of $ 2.7 billion, international financial institutions that will provide financial resources related to this, as well as investors who can do this, are ready.




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