Disabled Citizens Will Benefit Free From Urban and Railway Transportation

Disabled Citizens in the City and Rail Freight to be Free to Benefit: AK Party Deputy Eskisehir Can, with the regulation of disabled people and citizens with heavy disabilities in urban and rail transport will benefit from free reported.
According to a written statement made by the Presidency of the AK Party, Can, who is also a member of the Parliamentary Health, Family, Labor and Social Affairs Commission, met with the members of Eskisehir Disability Association.
Can, in his speech at the meeting, stated that the country has made revolutionary arrangements for the last 10 for the disabled in the country.
“With the latest arrangement, our disabled people and citizens with severe disabilities will benefit from free city and rail transport. Over 10 million disabled citizens living in Turkey. We, as the government, have provided our citizens with regulations and rights that have not been achieved in any country in the world. ”
Disabled describing them take over the number of civil servants from 5 thousand to 30 thousand Can, "which captures the rise today Turkey has achieved thanks to the value given for that person to person. With the young woman, the east with the west, unobstructed with disabilities who understand Turkey today is Turkey a sample of people showing happy tomorrow confidence and stability in a country facing position, "he said.
In the event, Turkey Disabled Association Eskisehir Branch President Jaafar spouse, the board members of the AK Party Provincial Vice President Hatice Kaya, Mayor Cengiz Karahallı Disabilities Unit was also present.


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