Minister Elvan Visited Siemens Stand at Eurasia Rail 4

Minister Elvan Visited Siemens Stand at Eurasia Rail 4 Fair: Eurasia Rail-4, which opened its doors yesterday at Istanbul Expo Center. International Railway, Local Rail, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair in rail introducing the most innovative solutions in the field of Siemens Turkey stands the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister visited Mr. Lutfi Elvan. Minister Elven, Siemens Turkey Rail Transport and Logistics Department Director Cuneyt Young received information about the Velaro series of very high speed trains.
In addition to the high-speed trains of Velaro series, which are signed by Siemens in the 8 March, the VAL series are full automatic vehicles with tire wheels for the airports and cities, the Avenio series tram cars and the Inspiro series subway vehicles, the Desiro train sets and the Vectron locomotive family, the fair meeting with the participants. Siemens Turkey also need intra-city rail transport as well as outside intercity Rail Electrification and Automation solutions also introduces visitors to the fair.
At the same time, for the whole project, within the scope of the works provided by Siemens in the Marmaray project, Trainguard FUTUR 1300 ERTMS (European Railway Traffic Management System) 1. Level and Trainguard SIRIUS CBTC (Communication Based Train Control System) trackball equipment, Trackguard Westrace electronic connection lock control system, such as information about the signaling system is provided. Trainguard MT CBTC technology which is in operation in Istanbul Metro Project also meets with the exhibitors.
Siemens Turkey, Chairman and CEO Hüseyin Gelis, said the following on the subject: '' Thanks to our innovative solutions, growing economies, we are connecting them with appropriate infrastructure and beyond that target. Energy-efficient Siemens trains are used in many places, from the scorching heat of Spain and the freezing cold of Russia, to connecting the industrial zones that are the lifeblood of Germany and China. As a one-stop solution company, we bring together all the expertise required for sustainable solutions in all areas of rail transport. We have a balanced and comprehensive approach to all types of rail-based transport, including trams, light rail systems, subway services, suburban as well as intercity trains. Our innovative traffic management systems integrate road and rail systems, while information systems help passengers find the most efficient travel route. "
The products meet visitors at the Siemens booth Turkey;
Germany, Spain, China, under the English Channel between England and France together with Russia last serving the Eurostar line and 2014 year of commissioning in Turkey expected Velaro series of very high speed trains, it is located in the exhibition area by Siemens.
Vectron, one of the greenest locomotives in the world with its strong technical features and recyclable material ratio of 90, will be introduced. Serving around 500 million Europeans across the continent, Vectron combines innovative technologies with efficiency.
Desiro train sets, another product introduced by Siemens at the fair, are; With its green structure, modern design and high efficiency rate, it manages to meet the needs of comfortable and economical rail transportation.
With the CityVAL model, which has been carrying 1983 more than 1 billion passengers safely since 2, CityVAL is able to meet the passenger transfers in a flexible way by climbing higher slopes with tire wheels in city transportation. Thanks to its fully automatic control, the AirVAL model offers the most cost-effective connection between terminals at airports.
The new metro platform Inspiro from Siemens provides the highest level of GoA4 automatic driving, allowing both driverless and drive operations to work together.
Trams with hybrid energy storage system (HES ai MES) can operate without an overhead line in distances of up to 2.500 meters. Siemens uses energy-saving systems with less energy than 30 every year, and 80 produces less CO2 emissions than vehicles without this system.
With the Sitras SES system, the regenerative energy generated by braking the vehicles in metro systems is stored in the system and used in the next acceleration vehicle. The Sitras TCI system uses the braking energy to return the system to the system and uses it for the auxiliary forces in the power stations. With both systems, energy costs of enterprises are decreasing considerably.




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