Dogan, Kahramanmaras people will meet with the speed train speed

Dogan Kahramanmaras People will meet with speed train comfort: Chairman of the AK Party Kahramanmaras Metin Dogan, Kahramanmaras in the high-speed train project, stating that, "our people will meet the speed of train speed," he said.
Although Prime Minister Erdogan announced that Kahramanmaras also took part in the high-speed train route, the AK Party Provincial Organization mobilized some of the political parties to make the opposite propaganda. Provincial Chairman Metin Dogan, Deputies Dr. Mehmet Sağlam, MD Yıldırım Ramazanoğlu and Sıtkı Güvenç and Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Fatih Mehmet Erkoç and Dulkadiroğlu Mayor Candidate Necati Okay responded to the allegations with a joint press release.
Provincial President Dogan made a press statement on behalf of the Organization, both Prime Minister Erdogan and the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfü Elvan in the high-speed train project also included Kahramanmaraş said. Despite this, some political parties misleading the public with banners and misleading statements Dogan, said Dogan, said:
Uz We are saddened to see the Nationalist Movement Party trying to mislead our people and to cover the facts by hanging their banners to various locations of our city. It seems that the 17 march in March, with the participation of our Prime Minister, disturbed someone. We would like to point out that this project includes our Kahramanmaraş and the high speed train line will pass through our city. In addition, the Prime Minister of the Mayor of our candidate Fatih Mehmet Erkoc, which is among the projects of the Kısık Valley gave the tithe of our people. In this way, we will get closer to our northern districts especially Elbistan, and the distance will fall below 90. This project, which will make all the districts of Kahramanmaraş easier to reach each other, will make positive contributions to many areas, especially the economy of our city. Mr. Prime Minister, the new hospital and training campus with 500 bed has given the good news of many investments in our city. Iktidarımız No matter who in his turn yarımı are both in general and Turkey Kahramanmaraş, will continue to increase. The only aim for us is to ensure that our nation and the people of Kahramanmaraş live in better conditions. Bizim
AK Party Mayor candidate Fatih Mehmet Erkoç gave information about the investments in road transport. The Kısık Valley project, which was announced by the Prime Minister, will become one of the important arteries of the country.
I This road has a more advanced dimension and meaning. In addition to being one of the important arteries of our country, it is becoming the shortest route connecting the Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia with the Mediterranean, especially with countries such as Georgia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia around the Caspian Sea. Now will be taken to the program between Sivas-Darende and Darende-Elbistan. So this will be one of Turkey's major arteries. In other words, only 300 does not ensure that our citizens get closer to the center and connects the east and north of the country to the Mediterranean. As you know, Turkoglu is also a logistics center. In this way, especially heavy vehicle vehicles will go to the ports by using this route will leave the load here. In other words, we are becoming one of the most important centers with this new roads and logistics center. We are also planning to integrate with the high-speed train while projecting a light rail system. We are becoming one of the brand cities of the city with the horizon open and real. Ş
MP Scott gave information about the ongoing construction of Kahramanmaras-Goksun-Kayseri. This road will be competing with the completion of the road to the Gülek Bosphorus voicing that Sağlam, ard When you think about shortening of roads, Kahramanmaraş 2 is entering the industrial city. This is very important in terms of both railway and highway. I think that the way to the end of this way will certainly rival Gülek Bosphorus. Maybe there will be more traffic. In other words, the transition from the southeast to the whole Black Sea and Central Anatolia will be from here. Before the end of the road, we can see the trucks of the South East. I believe in the future of great wealth. We are now having difficulty in making organized industrial zone in the center. But tomorrow when these roads are completed, we can make OSB even in Göksun. The mileage distance of the OSB to 10 or 20 does not matter after the road is smooth. Already in Kahramanmaras, our businessmen are buying land there. In other words, things are going to add wealth to the country, Yani he said.
Ramazanoğlu, who has made statements about the air transportation, said, alar New flights are being made in the air transportation. Especially in the early morning departure and late night return requests to Istanbul to travel to Istanbul to find the return and begin flights in this direction. Finally, we follow the Narlı Airport project closely with all our deputies and our organization. Greater candidate will be very helpful in this regard because of being a technical person. So this is very important for the region to be an airport I want to share this Yani he said.
Deputy Güvenç stated that Kahramanmaraş became one of the important centers of health. Guvenc said, faaliyet You know, our city hospital is operational. I observe that many of our ICU universities have received a large number of patients from outside. In addition, the Prime Minister gave the good news at the rally 500 bed will be a new hospital. Thus, our city will not only serve Kahramanmaraş but also the region. Secondly, a training campus is now operational. On the other hand, our prime minister promised a second campus. This is very important and I want to specify in particular, özellikle he said.

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