National High Speed ​​Train design work is completed

The design works of the National High Speed ​​Train have been completed: The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Elvan, stated that the studies on the National High Speed ​​Train are continuing and said, "The design studies have been completed".
Referring to the studies on the National High Speed ​​Train Elvan, continued:
“The design work of the National High Speed ​​Train has been completed. We will see our national project, this National High Speed ​​Train, which will be produced entirely by the labor of Turkish engineers and Turkish workers. We will take our national train proudly. First, 10 years ago, would you know what the logistics center was? Was there any logistics centers in Turkey? Here are the developments in the world, it is one of the countries that make up the fastest feet in the world of change and transformation, Turkey. If we have created this development, this growth, a strong economy today, it has been thanks to our ability to read the world very well and to adapt very quickly to the change and transformation in the world. We started our logistics projects in 19 different locations. These centers will increase the competitiveness of our industrialists, enable our cargo to be transported from one point to another much faster, and significantly reduce the transportation costs of our industrialists. Our Eskişehir is getting such a beautiful center. Just as the Ministry of Transport, we have invested 11 quadrillion lira in Eskişehir in the last 3 years. Before the AK Party governments, even one percent of this 3 quadrillion lira did not come to Eskişehir. Our government's investment in Eskişehir in the last 11 years has exceeded 10 quadrillion liras. "

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