Davraz Ski Resort

Davraz Ski lucky since the snow: the problem of lack of snow depends on the rainfall Turkey's leading ski resorts continued last week.

The most abundant snow was in Davraz Ski Center together with Erciyes and Kartalkaya. The 1,5 snow thickness during the semester break has fallen to 65 centimeters last week, but skiing continues at high altitudes.

Davraz Ski Center welcomes skiers this season with its magnificent lake-view ski slopes and unique natural beauty. The skiing season opened at the end of January, due to the lack of sufficient snowfall in the winter. During the semester, snow thickness was up to 1,5 meters. During this period, occupancy rates of hotels reached up to 90.
Davraz Mountain, in the Lakes Region of the Mediterranean Region, between Eğirdir and Kovada lakes. Davraz Mountain-Karlıyayla Winter Sports Tourism Center, 2635 meter on the northern slope of the mountain. 26 kilometers southeast of the city of Isparta. 50 to Isparta Airport, 23 to Egirdir, 140 to Antalya, 125 to Antalya Airport. Isparta Airport is available every day of the week by plane from major cities. The road to the ski resort does not close even under the harshest winter conditions.
Davraz's runways address skiers at all levels. The crystal-clear 3 is in the middle of the lake, and the skiers in Davraz can enjoy the magnificent view of Lake Eğirdir. Lake Kovada and Gölcük Lake Crater can be seen from the highest hill of the center. In the ski center, you have the possibility of North and Alpine skiing, skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, botanical observation, paragliding and mountain hiking.


The Davraz Ski Center has 3 chairlift, which is currently active. One of them takes the skiers from the plant area and takes them from 1650 to 1950 meters. The second chair lift leads from 1950 to 2150 meters. The third ski lifts the skiers from 2150 to 2400 meters. It takes 1000 minutes to travel with these chairlifts with an 8 person carrying capacity per hour.
The altitude of the ski slopes varies between 1650 meters and 2150 meters. The total length of the 12 runway in the ski resort 23.5 mileage. Blue-colored runways are suitable for beginners. The total length of two blue runway 4.5 mileage, the capacity 750 person. Eight red-colored runways aimed at mid-level skiers. 15 kilometers of total lengths, the capacity 1200 person. Black colored two track suitable for master skiers. Total lengths four kilometers, capacity 300 person.


The fact that snow thickness did not reach the desired level in Antalya Saklıkent Ski Center brought luck to Davraz this year. Isparta Tourism Association President Fevzi Özdemir, the Mediterranean belt of the most qualified place to ski without any thought of Davraz Ski Center, he said. Özdemir, in the winter with a special tour package to Antalya golfers to come to play the same day for lunch in Isparta famous kebab and cabins can taste, then Davraz'a can go skiing said.
There are three hotels in Davraz, one of four stars. There is also a pension known as Davraz Mountain Houses in the village of Çobanisa, which is 8 kilometers away from the ski center. The hostel is closed this year. Last week, the Süleyman Demirel University Guesthouse Research and Application Hotel with the 42 room, which serves as the Davraz Hotel, also closed the season last week. Accommodation in the hotels in Egirdir and Isparta also benefit.


Sirene Davraz Mountain Resort
18 is a four-star hotel in 2007 that is built with a million-dollar investment and is also a high-altitude sports center. 122 rooms. There are semi-olympic indoor swimming pool, ice skating rink, SPA center, recreation areas with fireplace, bowling, billiards, electronic games, cinema and game rooms, children's play center, an à la carte restaurant, meeting room. Skiers are transported to the tracks with babylifts. Full board, double occupancy 333 TL. 0-6 children are not charged. The hotel offers access to the airport from 120 TL. (www.davras.com.tr / Tel: 246 267 20 02)

Isperia Hotels
17 room with 55 bed. There are three mountain cafeterias in the ski lifts. There are also cafeteria, 50 bar, 150 restaurant and ski room in the hotel. Cafes serve pita, fastfood, barbecued sausage, meatball bread and alcoholic beverages. Ski equipment can be rented from the ski room. Two people breakfast included accommodation at 198 TL. Daily unlimited skipass included in the price. 0-6 children are not charged. 7-12 discount for 50 percent. (www.isperiahotels.com, Tel: 0246 267 20 20)