Bucaya Nostalgic Tram

📩 25/11/2018 19:24

Bucaya Nostalgic Tram: AK Party Mayor Candidate Cemil Şeboy, Buca-Sirinyer will make a nostalgic tram route, he said. Preparing the project five years ago, Şeboy said that the nostalgic tram will give Buca prestige.
Serving as the Mayor of 15 for Buca, Cemil Şeboy, who won many projects in the district during this period, announced his ambitious projects in the new period. AK Party Mayor Candidate is one of the most important projects Sheboy wants to implement in Şirinyer-Buca nostalgic tram service between the runs.
Cemil Şeboy stated that he prepared the project without leaving the mayor five years ago and added: and Nostalgic tram will be implemented in the railway which will travel in the currently existing but unused railway line with state railways. 2 bin 700 will operate a tramway similar to the one in Beyoglu, but will also make hiking trails on the tram route. Therefore, my people will have a long field to walk. The tram will stop at Forbes Affectionate Road, in front of the medical center, in the state hospital, and finally at Buca Station on the journey from Şirinyer. The old Buca Station will be built in this context. With the green space we will organize in front of you, this place will be one of the stops of Bucalılar. I believe that this project will add prestige to Buca. Good luck to all our fellow citizens. Tüm

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