Binali Yıldırım will carry Izmir to the Future with Izkaray Project (Video)

Binali Yıldırım Will Carry İzmir to the Future with its İzkaray Project: Last week I was in my hometown, İzmir. Besides the fact that the 30 March elections are a vital crossroads for Turkish democracy, the most important aspect for me is that there is hope for change in Izmir. İzmir is at the crossroads in terms of urban planning. Izmir is currently being run badly. CHP members of Izmir know this very well.
Anyone who hates the AK Party but has a work force and therefore has a certain intelligence knows that if Binali Yıldırım happens to İzmir, İzmir will fly with wings. The per capita income of İzmir, which is currently around 11 thousand dollars, reaches 5 thousand dollars after 22 years. İzmir becomes a real metropolis. If Kocaoğlu continues, İzmir will continue to crawl.
We had a long talk with Yıldırım in Çeşme, the pearl of İzmir, last week. Expressing that they have determined the Agriculture, Industry, Tourism and Culture industries as key sectors for İzmir, Yıldırım's Life in Economy project; 261, Life in Transport project; 196, Life in Ecology project; 179, Urban Life project; 142, Healthy Life project; 75, Life in Culture and Art project; 210, Social Life project; 220, Barrier-Free Life project; 96, Technological Life project; There are 35 projects in total including 1414 projects.
Binali Baba says, “The urbanism movement that we started with 1414 projects today will be updated with the participation of the residents of İzmir and the projects will increase and take shape”… I mean, “If you build İZKARAY that will merge the two sides of İzmir, the fate of İzmir will change. Not even one, let alone 1413, ”I say.
He immediately starts telling about the İZKARAY project: “1200 m. tube passage and 6000 m. Rasimcim, which will be connected to Çiğli and Çeşme highway by the bridge. İZKARAY, which will be used in rail and rubber-wheeled crossings, will be connected to the İZBAN line and new tram lines. There will be a double track rail system on IZKARAY, where 3 lanes of departure and 3 lanes of arrival are planned. The tourism potential of these districts will be increased by connecting the İZBAN line from Aliağa to Bergama with an additional 56 kilometers and from Torbalı to Selçuk with an additional 26 kilometers. The İZBAN line will be extended to 190 km. A total of 26 kilometers of subway leg of the rail system network will be knitted in 5 stages. We will join the two sides with the İZKARAY project. We will connect the north and south in transportation. Why should our citizen from Çiğli suffer to go to Çeşme? Let it pass in 6 minutes with IZKARAY. "
Izmir, Turkey's 3rd largest city currently only population. In all other indicators, my dear hometown ranks behind. Let's not just eat right in second place in an indicator. That is the construction without zoning. İzmir ranks second after Istanbul. As Izmirians, we always take pride in our past, because Victor Hugo called this city a "princess", Evliya Çelebi spoke highly of Izmir, the city that Alexander the Great said "if I don't buy it, it will be incomplete. Sezen Aksu's Firuze İzmir. Of course, Izmir will remember its past, but it will also look to the future with hope. But unfortunately, Izmir is not hopeful about its future, it cannot see its future.
Binali Yıldırım says the following on this subject: “Rasim, what is the fault of Izmirian in this? Is he from Izmir the reason for this? Of course not. The responsibility here lies with those who run this city. According to the eyes, it is the ones who allow this city to become like this after losing blood. Nobody escapes this. We made the choice. Now it is our countrymen. If our fellow citizens choose, we will carry out projects by putting our hands under responsibility. I love the hard. It is hard for me done right away. The impossible takes some time. "
The inhabitants of Izmir will decide on their own future… Either Izmir will continue to miss modernity and wealth by remaining stuck to its identity politics or Izmir will fly with wings. The decision is your fellow countrymen ...



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