Minister Elvan Inaugurates Boğsak Tunnel

Minister Elvan Inaugurated the Boğsak Tunnel: The first of the 22 tunnels under construction on the Mersin-Antalya Mediterranean Coastal Road, the Boğsak Tunnel was opened with a ceremony attended by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan and Mersin Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu.
The opening ceremony of the Boğsak Tunnel, which is made in the form of 2 tubes, has a total length of one thousand 700 km and the transportation will shorten the 3 thousand 700 meters and 45 minutes, as well as the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan and Mersin Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu. Mersin deputies Nebi Bozkurt and Çiğdem Münevver Ökten, Undersecretary of Ministry Habip Soluk, General Director of Highways Cahit Turan, provincial and district protocol, department heads, representatives of civil society organizations and many citizens attended. Passing through the Boğsak Tunnel through the convoy, the Minister Elvan was greeted with a drum of dense adoration. The participation of the Silifkeli bride and groom in the ceremony area led to the creation of colorful images, while Minister Elvan and his wife, Güzeloğlu, took a photo with the young couple.
In his speech, Elvan recalled that the 18 March Martyrs' Memorial and the Çanakkale Victory were the 99 anniversary of the XNUMX. N For this country's independence and its future, our grandparents and grandmothers gave their lives. I believe that our fellow countrymen today are also our people who will gladly sacrifice their lives for their homeland. We are proud of you. Biz
Expressing that they have opened a tunnel close to 70, Minister Elvan emphasized that the Bolu Tunnel was put into service after a long time and read a letter written by a citizen. Minister Elvan said, Bakan We realize dreams. Even the European Union budget is not enough for our government's investments in transportation. We have completed the 390 km road at Akdeniz Sahil Yolu. There is a total 22 tunnel. Boğsak Tunnel is the first of these. I hope we will complete the others in a very short time, Diğer he said.
When all the tunnels are completed, Mr. Elvan said that the 11 hourly Mersin-Antalya road would be reduced to 5 hours. What we need in Mersin, the entrepreneur. We are developing the railway infrastructure in Mersin. We connect Karaman to Mersin by high speed train. We made the airline like a highway. We earn the largest 2 airport. Mersin is an important logistics center. Turkey's largest port of Mersin xnumx'inc our terminal. Mersin hopefully will rapidly grow, grow and become a province with no employment problems. And your problems will decrease and your welfare will increase. Ve
Minister Elvan, the pankarta in the ceremony area in response to his father traveled many years ago from Ermenek'dan Silifke'ya and this journey lasted on the horse 8 day, recalling, Karaman to Mara gave the good news that will be done.
Minister Elvan, Mut-Ermenek, Mut-Silifke, Ermenek-Gülnar, Tarsus-Tuzla, Silifke-Mut separation Gülnar road, Tarsus-Çamlıyayla and Uzuncaburç-Mut between the road to a standard of the completion of the work is completed, the remaining parts will be completed within the year 2 he.
In the transportation sector, Mersin has invested 1 billion 400 million TL, Minister Elvan said. We're opening our first tunnel. We will complete the Mediterranean Coast Road at the latest in 2 years and we will offer it to you. We're all going to open up together. I would like to thank to our Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and to our valued people who work for Mersin, to our MPs, to the General Director of Highways, to all our workers and to you, to the esteemed people of Mersin Ben.
Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu expressed his pleasure to be at the opening ceremony of the Boğsak Tunnel, a very important transit point of the Mediterranean Coast Road. Governor Güzeloğlu, benim Today is also an important day for me. We are a very old friend of the Minister, after being the first to enter Mersin. But I believe that we will come together in a nice way to serve the nation. The most important and necessary condition of a country's development is transportation. When you can not provide transportation in a comfortable and secure way, you can do what development and development. For years, we had always expected a delay in the Mediterranean coastline, always delayed. The Mediterranean Coast Road is delayed. I believe that Mr. Minister will do his utmost to bring the Mediterranean Coast Road into service as soon as possible, with very little work remaining in this remaining road, in a very short time. Say
Mediterranean Coastal Road which emphasized the importance for trade in the region's governor Güzeloğlu, "This way, Turkey's economic, social and community development is a way to ensure that. Boğsak Tunnel will bring Mersin and Mersin with international quality and contribute to the development of tourism and services sector. Shorter distances are steps taken to Turkey's development. We have to take this country further. 18 as we promised before our meaningful day Atatürk and all the martyrs as March, our goal is to take forward the country, xnumx'ünc the anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, which 100 year to put the world's largest 2023 between the countries. As long as we work with this belief, hopefully we will see those days Bu.
Vali Güzeloğlu, "not only in the field of transportation, but in all areas of life in the great service of the Prime Minister who contributed to the meeting with Mersin, Mr. Minister, MPs and all the people who contributed to our homeland, our work and all our work, our nation and I wish to be auspicious auspicious to our nation," he said.
Mersin Deputy Çiğdem Münevver Ökten thanked Mersin Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and our Minister for the services to Mersin.
General Director of Highways Cahit Turan, 17 viaducts and 22 tunnels in Mersin was passed. Turan, the first of the 22 tunnel to be built on the Mediterranean Coast Road, the total investment cost of the Boğsak Tunnel is 65 million TL, this tunnel will provide safe and high quality standard voyage to the people of Mersin said.
After the speeches, Minister Elvan and the Governor Güzeloğlu cut the ribbon prepared for the ceremony together with the protocol members and opened the Boğsak Tunnel with the fireworks display.

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