Antalya's 100 thousand signatures for high-speed train project

📩 30/11/2018 11:47

100 thousand signatures have been collected for the Antalya high-speed train project: Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Çetin Osman Budak said that the business world wants the railway to the city and they will present the 100 bin to the government to collect the high speed train project as far as possible.
Antalya's 122 annual railway aspiration was transformed into a concrete gain. The 2012 thousand signatures collected in 100 will be submitted to the government soon. The basic demand is to draw the train project as far as possible.
ATSO President Çetin Osman Budak said that there is a huge loss of tourism and 11 with more than one million foreign visitors such as Antalya and the fact that there is no railway in a province that is the capital of agriculture with the production of 5.5 million tons. High-speed train connections come to Konya, and northwest of the Afyonkarahisar'a emphasizing the future of Budak, "These developments made it easy for Antalya to come from the high-speed train and 2023 transportation targets to be included in," he said. Budak said that 3 collected 2016 signatures from 2012 in 100 for more visitors to the EXPO Antalya 2016 from the big city 2016 with the high speed train connection. Budak said that they were not able to deliver these signatures to the government due to changes in the agenda of the country, and takv We have decreased our hope regarding the train of the railway to 100. The EXPO field will also add momentum to tourism after XNUMX. We maintain our view that the high-speed train project should be put forward as much as possible, and we plan to present the XNUMX thousand signature to the government in the coming days. Hızlı
West Mediterranean Economy Development Foundation (BAGEV) and Antalya Commodity Exchange (ATB) President Ali Çandır stated that BAGEV was aiming to bring together the opinion leaders of the region and produce a common language for the railway in April. Ve Because Gazipaşa and Kumluca Our members in a wide area, ranging from Isparta to Burdur, have different demands on the railroad.,
Port Akdeniz General Manager of Port Operations in Antalya is a railway connection of all ports in the world, but the port of Antalya does not have this opportunity, stating that, ın Antalya to make rail, Antalya Port needs to develop. We cannot develop unless we use the railway Demir.
The route will extend from Antalya to Sivas
Researcher, writer and historian Hüseyin Çimrin of Antalya In his book '' Bir Zamanlar Antalya '', it was stated that railway construction initiatives in Antalya started at the end of the Ottoman period. In the book, 8, a document dated September 1892, requesting permission for the discovery of the railway route from Antalya to Sivas, the petition of the American Cord Earl Cerh's deputy Baron De Sfelter, again in a document dated 17 August 1913 about the construction of a commercial port Umur-u Economics and the correspondence with Sanaiye Joint Stock Company were expressed.


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