Alanya Castle-Damlataş Teleferic Project

Alanya Castle-Damlataş Teleferic Project is Implemented: Sipahioğlu starts the week before the 2009 elections. Sipahioğlu, aş Damlataş 100. We are breaking down the old one-storey building in the year park and we are starting to work, and we are laying the foundation Yıl.
29 March 2009'da before the local elections between Alanya Castle and Damlataş promised to implement the project, but due to some mishaps that occur during the 5 year-long process can not reach this goal Alanya Mayor and AKP Alanya Mayor Candidate Hasan Sipahioğlu, heralding yesterday he gave. Sipahioglu attending the breakfast for Menderes Türel, the candidate for Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality yesterday morning, heralded at the end of the program, three weeks before the election to push the button for the Teleferik Project. Dripstone 100. Sipahioğlu said, lar We will finish the project after the election, katlı Sipahioğlu said.
With this statement, Sipahioğlu, who understood that he received the necessary approval from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, whose approval was previously awaited, said in a statement he made in February 2013, “If a positive decision is made at the meeting we will start after an investigation in the field, it will be established in November 2013 and We aim to end in it ”he said. With the tender held by the Municipal Committee on September 4, 27, the 'Cable Car and Escalator Project' awarded to the Italian Leitner Ropeways Rope Transport company is aimed to contribute to alternative tourism.


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