Tourism route will open to tourists in the Akşehir Tourism Valley

Akşehir Tourism Valley to attract tourists to the tourist road is opened: Akşehir Mayor Abdülkadir Oğul, Akşehir Stream on the right side of the right direction of D-300 highway 90 of the path is completed.
Akşehir District Mayor of Konya, Abdülkadir Oğul, Akşehir Stream on both sides of the D-300 highway to the village of Tekke 4 mileage, 4 mileage is planned for the arrival of the road, right by the Akşehir River D-300 road direction of the direction of the road 90 He said he was completed.
Mayor of Akşehir Abdülkadir Oğul said in a statement, sağ 300 of the Akşehir River was completed on the right direction of D-90 highway. Only the back of the priest's house, the back of the church and Talip Yalçın's garden are interrupted. The right side of this tourism road will be completed in 2014. Akşehir River from the D-300 highway to the Tekke Village to open the way to the path of the Aquapark D-300 highway section between the village of Çimenli Bridge-Tekke. Expropriation and 18 applications continue in these regions. Bu
President Oğul said that the historical texture in Akşehir will be easier when the Tourism Road is opened in the Tourism Valley. In It will be easier to bring the tourists coming to Akşehir to the historical places. Tourists will attract tourists to the carriage through open carriages or open-air vehicles, this way, lar he said.


📩 24/11/2018 11:50

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