Afyon-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Flights Starts in 2017

Afyon-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Schedules Start in 2017: The AK Party candidate Burhanettin Çoban, who said that the government brought innovation to many areas, especially health, education and transportation, said: “In 2017, Ankara-Afyon high speed train services start. Our schools are high quality, there are universities in every city. Social cooperation is a plus. ” said.
Burhanettin Çoban, the candidate of the AK Party, continued his studies with the accompanying AK Party Provincial Organization Members, Municipality and Provincial Assembly members and the party members.
Health sector revolution
Yenice and Cumhuriyet neighborhoods and the candidate who visited the House of Information Information Çoban Çoban, citizens listened to the problems and demands. First meeting with the residents of the neighborhood Yenice Çoban, the government's 12 talked about the innovations in the year. Shepherd, seçim 5 days after the election bans are starting. We have come to our neighborhoods from the election to the election not always. 2009 is not the only Afyon with Afyon in the year. very different now in Turkey. There was a revolution in the health sector. Sağlık
12 17 thousand km per year
Referring to the revolution in health, Presidential candidate Çoban said, “No one can be examined without asking anything. Our hospitals are no longer different from the private hospital. Our new Maternity Hospital opens soon. 150 has a total capacity of 150 for single occupancy, including 2 for single occupancy. 300 80 thousand km in the 13 year period made a thousand km Tayyip Bey 12 17 thousand km per year. 22 airport 52 Uncovered. 2017 in Ankara-Afyon high-speed train service begins. Our schools are now in good quality, there are universities in every province. Social aid plus. We've done a lot to Afyon. These, closed market place, Akarçay, Hanımlar Lokali, Information houses, We have implemented many projects such as neighborhood ovens. Pazar He said.
We broke a record
After visiting the Yenice neighborhood, visited the information house of the information and meeting with parents and educators, Burhanettin Çoban, the presidential candidate, talked about the projects. Information homes, neighborhoods and neighborhoods that provide important services about the Shepherd, 2009 recalls his words before the local elections reminded. Çoban said, hizmet We provide joint services with Hisar Education Association and Hayrat Foundation in our information house. We celebrate our teachers, our association, our foundation. We have done a lot of work in Afyon. This information is home to the smallest information in our home but we are making a great information house because it is not enough. Our neighborhood received great service in our period. We broke records on asphalt in recordings and parks. Education has given great support and our support will gradually increase. Eğitim
We organized the infrastructure
Yenice neighborhood and the information house after the house of the President of the Shepherd Çoban, who visited the neighborhood of Cumhuriyet waiting for him met. Addressing residents of the neighborhood during an open air meeting, President Çoban talked about the projects he intends to make to the Cumhuriyet district during the 2014-2019 period. . As you know, I started working at 2009. A citizen came to me and said, 'We always invest in the neighborhoods of the rich. I also traveled our citizens to the Cumhuriyet, Dervişpaşa and Dumlupınar neighborhoods and told me 'I'm sorry President is the land there.' Then we finished the infrastructure and superstructure of our 67 neighborhood. The Republican neighborhood has a population of 18 thousand and we have finished the infrastructure and superstructure of our neighborhood. We have made the infrastructure and superstructure of our entire neighborhood without discriminating. Meden
2 million people came to the rally
Referring to the meeting of their parties in Istanbul, Presidential candidate Çoban emphasized that more than 2 million people were in the meeting area. Çoban said, “Our Prime Minister held a rally in Istanbul and he did not see such a meeting since Istanbul. More than 2 million people came there for our Prime Minister. What drew those people to the rally area? No matter how much game is played, no matter how hard external and internal forces try, this nation loves its own essence and goes after the leader. They do not understand the power of this nation anyway. They had previously made headlines saying 'Tayyip Erdoğan cannot even be a Muhtar'. But they had forgotten something. They forgot the reckoning of Allah and the insight of the nation. Recep Tayyip Erdogan became Prime Minister. You are the greatest hero of this. I congratulate and congratulate you wholeheartedly. 2003 Is now in Turkey with Turkey? Modern hospitals are now being built even in our districts. Our hospitals meet European standards. We forgot those old days, but the new generation did not live those days. Our state is doing as Ferhat mountains del-speed train to the mountains pierce all over Turkey. He continues to write epics on high-speed trains, just as he wrote an epic on the highways. We have gone too far in Turkey in every field, "he said.
Following the speeches, President Çoban talked about the problems and demands of the residents and the projects he prepared for the 2014-2019 period.


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