Regulation on Transportation

Regulation on Transportation to Bursa: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's rally at 16.00 today will be rally in Bursa in the morning due to rally in some of the roads turned into traffic troubles
Citizens, even though the evening hours of the rally, the clock reacted to the closing of the 08.00.
Morning hours to go to work on their way to the Bursa people, the rally was closed because of the roads because of the great surprise. Gokdere Square, where the rally was to be made, Gökdere Caddesi was closed, and long vehicle queues were formed on the main routes. Despite the fact that it was more convenient to close the roads after the morning hours, the citizens who reacted to the preference of the authorities to close the way, found the remoteness of the vehicle queue. The students were too late to go to schools and tutoring centers because of the traffic.
Municipal teams are doing a feverish work on Gökdere Street, where Prime Minister Erdoğan's meeting will be held. Çanakkale 18 March Victory Day posters attached to the wall under the metro viaduct were torn by the teams due to environmental pollution. While some teams dig the posters, some did detailed cleaning work on the street. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality announced that metro services will not be made at certain stations until 4 hours before and after the rally. In the statement made by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, “There will be no train operation between Bursaray Demirtaşpaşa-Gökdere and Davutdede Stations between 11:30 and 18.30. During this period, citizens who want to be transported free of charge. Trains coming from Emek and University direction will return from Demirtaşpaşa Station, and trains coming from Arabayatağı direction will return from Davutdede Station. The passengers coming from the Labor and University directions can get off at Osmangazi Station and get off the S1line (City Square-Siteler); Passengers coming from the direction of the carbed will also get off at the High Specialization Station and be transported on the S2 line (Siteler-Kent Square) free of charge. " It was said.
Due to the election rally of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, some local routes in Bursa have been closed for 11 hours today. Hours: 08.00 to 19.00 and during the rally; Gökdere exit from Gökdere Square and Ankara road, exit from the shooters to Gökdere, Haşimişcan Street, Gökdere departure, Meydancık Exit, departure and arrival from Gökdere to Acemreis Mosque, Meydancık - Gökdere direction landing, Beyazıt Street, Kurtuluş Street Mahmutbey Street direction were closed to vehicle traffic.



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