Transportation Officer-Sen Kocaeli Representation opened

📩 30/11/2018 10:41

Transportation Officer-Sen Kocaeli Representative Office opened: Transportation Officer-Sen Kocaeli Representative Office, which is under the name of Officer-Sen, was put into service with a ceremony held at the Izmit Train Station.
Transport Officer- Sen Kocaeli Representative Mehmet Akkus hosted the opening of the Transportation Officer-Sen Chairman Can Cankesen, Izmit Deputy Mayor Ibrahim Bulut, Memur-Sen affiliated branch heads of some unions attended.
Transport Officer-Sen General Can Cankesen, also gave information about the high-speed train, test runs will begin from March 15 announced. Cankesen, traf The high-speed train will relax the traffic between Ankara and Istanbul. This comfort is also the right of Kocaeli, Sakarya. The vision of the high-speed train in our country 8-10 goes back years. Every province wants a fast train. Every province has the right to meet the high-speed train. High-speed trains are being built, but the railroad workers make it that way. As Officer-Sen, we are in favor of our employees and we continue our works. Mem 800 thousand people in the 14 at the time of the bug that the employees of XNUMX mbin indicating that employees Cankesen, "We are constantly voicing the element," he said.
Can Cankesen, who expressed that trade unionism in Kocaeli is very different from other provinces,
Dır Civil society organizations are the sine qua non of the society. When we look at the world as the union, we will stand upright in defending the rights and interests of our members. We will not remain silent to the persecution. Again we will stop the war in Syria. Officer-Sen not only unionist world hears the voice of the oppressed. We are doing unionism with values ​​that will have national and spiritual values. We are all kinds of struggle in the name of rights and law. I wish our branch to be instrumental in charity. Şub
Transportation Officer-Sen Kocaeli Representative Mehmet Akkus, "Our goal is to contribute to the corporate problems and needs by prioritizing the interests of our members," he said.

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