What have I done?

Eyvah what did I do? The passenger train that made the Adana-Mersin expedition crashed in the central Mediterranean District of Mersin, Adanalıoğlu Mahallesi. It is claimed that the accident happened because the warning barrier did not go down.
In MERSİN this morning, the train carrying a worker hit the train at the level crossing, 9 people died and 8 people were injured in the accident. One of the injured died in the following hours.
The accident occurred at 07.15 hours in Adanalıoğlu Mahallesi of the central Akdeniz District. The passenger train, which made the Mersin-Adana flight at the level crossing, hit the minibus carrying the workers of the Acar Machinery Industry Factory in the Organized Industrial Zone. While all of a sudden returning to the battlefield, 9 people died and 8 were injured from the minibus. The wounded were taken to hospitals in Mersin and Tarsus with ambulances dispatched to the accident site. Doctors state that some of the injured are in severe condition, worrying about the increased number of dead.
Eyewitnesses said the barriers did not go down at the controlled level crossing at the time of the accident, and the minibus driver entered the level crossing without attention.
Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone President Sabri Tekin said that the level crossing where the accident occurred has been a problem for years. Stating that approximately 10 people pass by here every day, Tekin said, “Our hearts come to our mouth every morning because there will be an accident. We did not get any results from our attempts to modernize this gateway. ”
During the accident, it was understood that the number of injured people was thought to be 8. While one of the injured was taken to Mersin University Medical Faculty Hospital, the number of deaths increased to 4 with the death of 1 person, while 10 of the other injured were treated in Tarsus and 2 in Mersin State Hospital. It was stated that the minibus driver Fahri Kaya, who was 1 M 33 plate mined by the train from the injured, was in serious condition.
Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, Metropolitan Mayor Macit Ozcan and Provincial Police Director Hasan Huseyin Bahar came to the scene to get information about the accident.
Harun Kaya, Sinan Özpolat, Oğuzhan Beyazıt, Ayhan Akkoç, Kenan Erdinç, Mehmet Abiye, Cavit Yılmaz, Mine Serten and Onur Atlı lost their lives in Mersin University Faculty of Medicine, where Mustafa Doygun was taken.
While investigating the accident, the mechanics of the passenger train number 62 thousand 28, which goes from Mersin to Adana, were taken into custody for precautionary purposes.
In the meantime, a statement made on the website of TCDD stated that a judicial and administrative investigation was launched. Despite the warning of the guard, the minibus driver entered the level crossing and appeared in front of the train. The information about why the barriers were not closed was not given. The statement said:
“On the date of 20.03.2014 (today) at 07.35, 33 M 1104 plate service minibus, between Mersin and Adana, between the barrier and guardian Bağcılar Level Crossing, between Mersin and Tarsus, despite the duty gate guard. the passenger train was in front of the train, so there was a parade accident. According to the first determinations, 16 people in the service van died. An administrative and judicial investigation has been initiated regarding the incident and developments will be shared with the public. ”
After the accident, the public prosecutor, who examined the scene, applied to the statements of eyewitnesses. An eyewitness claimed that after the accident, the barrier officer said, "Alas brother, what have I done, I plunged."
Police and TCDD officials also made the examination of the barriers open during the passage of the train. Railing of the 2 meters of stairs in the 5 meters away from the rail with the control of the manual system controlled barriers, the control mechanism in the cabin to open and close teams photographed this situation. It was understood that there was no technical fault in the system that opened and closed the barrier. While it is not clear how the accident occurred, the police are investigating whether the accident happened.
After the examinations made at the scene, the bodies were taken to Mersin University Faculty of Medicine Morgue, and the minibus, where the workers died, was removed from the scene with the help of a crane. The railway, which closed for 3.5 hours due to the accident, was reopened after the train was removed from the rail.
Identities of the injured in the accident were also identified. The minibus driver, 30 years old Fahri Kaya, who is being treated at Tarsus State Hospital, is being treated at Servet Çelik Tarsus Medical Park Hospital, Halil Demir at Tarsus State Hospital. A person named Uğur Ateş was also reported to be slightly injured.



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