Train Crash at Level Crossing in Usak (Video)

Train Accident at Level Gate in Usak: At the crossing of the train, MOBESE image records of the accident, which resulted in the death of the grandfather and the grandchild in the car hit by the train ..
Usak Security Directorate MOBESE cameras recorded the time, 21.18'da Cemil Atalay'in (63) used by the car with the 43 AK 923 plate, including three cars, Yavuz Sultan Selim Street near the level of the Huzurkent level passage is seen.
Two cars are waiting in front of the closed barriers of the level crossing, while Cemil Atalay, who is trying to pass to the rails from the edge of the barrier, is driving the train which makes the flight to İzmir-Uşak. The images also include rescue workers in the automobile and people who help.
The Uşak Express, which made the Izmir-Uşak voyage, was hit by a 14 AK 43 license plate used by Cemil Atalay who was trying to pass through the closed barriers from the Huzurkent level crossing at the time of approaching the city center on the evening of March. died at the scene.



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