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Example A Turkey Will Be Malatya TRAMBUS project: Phase I studies of TRAMBUS project continues to be an example to Turkey. The studies are expected to be completed by June.
In recent years, the city has made great strides in the field of public transport in the last year by the Municipality of Malatya Tavan project was made a significant distances in the Trambus project. The infrastructure of the 1st Phase Trambus, which will serve between University and MAŞTİ, continues at full speed.
Within the scope of the works carried out for the construction of the catenary line and energy source transformers, 9 transformer station was built and the transformer placement of the 6 was completed. 500 catenary pole foundation was dug and anchored and 300 was sewn directly. Within the framework of infrastructure works, the cable channel construction of the 23 kilometer-long cable was completed and the pipes were laid for cable drawing. In addition, 52 stops were identified on the route to Trambus. While the construction works of the stops were going on, the turnstile system will be transferred from stops to Trambus. The studies are expected to be completed by June.
The system will provide more comfortable, comfortable and economical transportation. 37.5 with a total return of 1 km. The 24 meter 10 trambus vehicle will be on stage.
Advantages of the Trambus system
• Thanks to the development of hybrid engines, it provides a more sustainable transportation than other systems.
• Due to the high rise of fossil fuel costs and not foreseeing the future (price stability, reserve shortage and dependence on foreign sources), Trambus vehicles are preferred.
• There will be no power failure due to the electric feeding system ring system.
• In case of power failure such as accident, disaster and power failure, replacement diesel or battery powered motor (hybrid motor) will be activated and vehicles can continue their journey.
• As there is no rail production, the infrastructure cost is much lower than the rail system.
• 75 has a lower fuel cost than diesel fuel. (One-fourth fuel cost)
• There is no dependence on the electric vehicle because of this. Therefore, there is long-term price stability in the cost of fuel.
• TRAMBUS; it has higher climbing power on sloping roads and is safer due to high braking power on these roads. In addition, energy conversion is provided by braking energy.
• It is more comfortable and safe thanks to the take-off power on icy roads.

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