Bloody attack at the train station in China: 34 dead

Bloody attack at the train station in China: 34 dead. 34 people were killed and 130 injured as a result of the attack on the train station of a group with knives in the city of Kunming, in the state of Yunnan in the southwest of China.
The Shinhua agency reported that the police killed four of the attackers and the others were still searching.
In the incident, it was recorded that more than 10 people attacked those waiting for the train and ticket line in the hall of the station.
Chinese President Shi Cinping said that he ordered the initiation of an investigation into the attack and that those responsible would be punished under the law.
He also ordered high-ranking officials in charge of security to go to the area to conduct inspections on-site.
Mıng Ciencu, Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party's Political and Legal Affairs Commission, said that "an attack on unarmed people costs death" and that those responsible will be punished severely according to the law.
While the Chinese official media and officials describe the incident as a "terrorist attack", it was claimed that the attack was "linked to some groups in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region", according to preliminary determinations.

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