Oral: Adana metro has become the honor of Adana

Oral: Adana metro has become the honor of Adana. MHP Adana Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Hüseyin Sözlü, who held a Project Introduction Meeting within the scope of local election studies, stated that they will plan the next 100 years of Adana and said “We will not imprison Adana in our 5-year term of office”.
The roads that will be opened with the expropriation and zoning practices in the new roads will be relieved by the city traffic, while the roads and boulevards that will be projected from the new period will also provide the infrastructure for the light rail system, said President Sözlü.
"After the metro is delivered to the university and from the university to the line where the subway starts, it will reach new points by moving on the north, east and west line of Adana in that zone, and it will make it possible to reach into our city from the rail system to be built in Yüreğir." Hüseyin Sözlü said that, apart from the recovery and improvement of the existing Adana metro, the choice of the main transportation line will definitely be the light rail system, ”Adana metro has become Adana's honor. We will save our honor, but there will be no metro line from now on. From now on, our new plan will definitely be light rail systems in our main transportation and we will implement the 20-30 year project with the transportation master plan. " In addition, President Sözlü added that in order to relieve urban traffic, the use of bicycles instead of motor vehicles will be encouraged and even large tracks and multi-storey bicycle parking lots will be established.
Stating that "We will end the understanding of municipal management with a low scale in Adana", Mayor Sözlü gave good news to low-income citizens who want to own a house. Emphasizing that they want an Adana where the spirit of social assistance and solidarity develops, Sözlü said, “We will offer housing projects that appeal to people with low income in a healthy and affordable scale. If Aleppo is there, the cubits are here. In terms of quality, we produced houses in Ceyhan, which are 50 percent higher standards than publicly produced houses and 40 percent cheaper in terms of price. Now the third stage continues. With our experiences there, we will make our citizens homeowners with qualified residences that can be purchased by the low-income.



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