Mayor Topbaş handed the gospel of the tram between Bayrampaşa-Eyüp

Mayor Topbaş gave the gospel of the tram between Bayrampaşa and Eyüp: Mayor Topbaş gave the tram gavel between Bayrampaşa and Eyüp. To solve the parking lot problem, explaining the apartpark project Topbaş also stated that modern situations will be made on both sides of Istanbul.
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, continues to explain new term projects by district and district. Topbaş, who met with citizens in Bayrampaşa yesterday, gave important good news. Explaining the 'apartpark' project, which he described as “an example to the world” for every street in Istanbul, Topbaş said: “In the middle of the street, we want to buy a few buildings, not less than 400 square meters, and make a parking building. It will look like a normal apartment. Those who live on that street will pull their cars there and the streets will look clean. I want to complete the task as a president of Istanbul's parking lot problem solving. In these parking lots, street residents will primarily have shares. Parking stock can be transferred to the person who buys a house on the street like a timeshare. ”
Stating that they will extend the Habipler Tram Line to Vezneciler and turn it into a metro line and connect it to Marmaray, Topbaş stated that there is a tram work in front of Bayrampaşa Municipality in the center of Eyüp Sultan.




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