Weekend intensity in Kartalkaya and Ilgaz

Weekend density in Kartalkaya and Ilgaz: Domestic and foreign tourists flocked to Ilgaz and Kartalkaya ski resorts during the weekend holiday.

Local and foreign tourists, the weekend holidays in Ilgaz and Kartalkaya ski centers filled the hotels.

One of the important winter tourism centers of Turkey, a long and conspicuous Ilgaz snow depth was measured with alternative runway about 50 centimeters.

Çankırı Ski Trainers Association President Asst. Assoc. Dr. Help half, AA correspondent, especially on weekends, said that the intensity.

Stating that the occupancy of hotels reached 100 percent yesterday and today, Half said, “Skiing activities continue at Doruk and Yıldıztepe locations. Ilgaz usually comes from tourists from cities such as Ankara and Istanbul. The number of people who come daily is also very high. At present, citizens are enjoying the snow on the ski slopes by skiing, snowboarding and sledding. ”

He added that students from various universities came to Ilgaz for ski training during the week.


In Kartalkaya Ski Center, snow thickness was measured 65 centimeters.

Holidaymakers who came to Kartalkaya for a weekend holiday spent time skiing and snowboarding.

42 center with a long kilometers of ski slopes, 90 occupancy served in the center.

Yusuf Avcı, the general manager of the hotel in the center, stated that they had the driest season of many years and said, “Despite the dry weather, there is the amount of snow required for skiing on our tracks. There is no situation preventing our holidaymakers from skiing. We expect snowfall at intervals this week. ”