Kamil Koç aims to support XYUMX Million TL in 1 annually to Koruncuk with the project 'Drop the Life to Life'

Kamil Koc Life Trace Drop 'project Koruncuk to 1 years 1 million TL support aims: road passenger transport sector leading companies Kamil Koc, Turkey Protection of Children in Need Foundation (Koruncuk) with a joint project to life. Kamil Koç aims to support the education and future of children in need of protection. With the project, Kamil Koç www.kamilkoc.com.t is You will be able to donate to the benefit of your children when purchasing tickets via the website. With the bağış Leave to Life TL project, we are aiming for a donation of 1 Million in a year.
Turkey's serving passengers at various points, leading companies of road passenger transport sector, Kamil Koc, it sets off for the future of their children at this time. With the ”Life Drop Trail İz project, which was organized with the Foundation of Children in Need of Protection, Kamil Koç will undertake projects to ensure that the children in need of protection are safer to the future.
Kemal Erdoğan, General Manager of Kamil Koç, said, “We aim to fulfill our social responsibilities while serving our passengers in many points of Turkey with the vision of being a "Companion friend", thus taking on a role in the construction of our country's future. We are happy to set out for our children with Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection, Koruncuk. Koruncuk, one of the exemplary foundations of our country in its field, provides a good future for children in need of protection. kazanIt carries out very effective and important studies on With the “Leave a Mark on Life” project, we aim to support the efforts made with great devotion for the future of the children living in the Foundation's Bolluca Children's Village and to be a part of this process. During our project, donations will be collected on our website for the benefit of children staying in Bolluca Children's Village. In this context, our passengers will be able to donate 1 TL for children in need of protection from kamilkoc.com.tr. Our goal is to reach a donation of 1 million TL for the benefit of the foundation within a year. Every 1 TL donation made by our passengers on our website for Koruncuks will be a huge mark left on life at the end of the year, and these donations will help our children to look to the future with more confidence. Of course, our work will not end there. We will also implement many projects for the cultural, social and mental development of our children in need of protection. Our aim is to carry the children in need of protection into life more safely and to be able to provide them with companions on the passengers of life.”
Koruncuk Foundation Chairman of the Board Figen Özbek said:
“As positive individuals, children in need of protection in our country, kazanWe are happy to receive the support of a strong organization such as Kamil Koç for the Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection, Koruncuk. In our foundation, which was established in 1979, 'Hand hold on to life!' We aim to protect children who do not have a family, whose personal existence is under threat despite their family, who have been neglected and abused, and who are vulnerable to bad habits. Our foundation, which was established entirely by volunteers, has been working for 35 years with the strength of its donors and supporters. Our cooperation project with Kamil Koç is very valuable for the Koruncuk Foundation. We believe that the support of one of the most established brands of our country will contribute significantly to our activities and the future of our children. With Kamil Koç's extensive service and sales network, we will be able to reach our new donors and convey our foundation to wider audiences. We would like to thank Kamil Koç for being a part of the “Leave a Mark on Life” project and for this exemplary support.”
The ”Trail to Life ata project; It was introduced at a special invitation that brought together the well-known names of the world of business, art and society. Kamil Koç General Manager Kemal Erdoğan and Koruncuk Foundation Chairman Figen Özbek hosted the invitation.
Asst. Adile, Aysegul Toplusoy, Ayse Kucuroglu, Banu Alp, Begum Sen, Berrin Yoleri, Cansen Kunt, Didem Antebi, Elif Gonlum, Fani Aysal, Funda Felibeli, Isil Recber, Pinar Tezcan Ozcapkin, Revna Demiroren, Selin Sirinoglu, Sinem Ayan, Sitare Akdilek, Yelda Tiftik, Zeynep Ilıcalı names joined.

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