İZBAN overpass rebels citizens

The İZBAN overpass led the citizens to revolt: The residents of Yıldız Sitesi, opposite the Egekent 2 İZBAN station, said, “The wire fences surrounding the site we live in have been cut from two separate places and turned into a road. We will fight for a solution, ”he said.
Yıldız Site residents, opposite the Egekent 2 İZBAN station in Izmir's Menemen district, reacted to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality after the wire fences surrounding the site where they lived were cut from two separate places and turned into a road.
Contrary to the zoning plan
The residents of the site, who said that the citizens descending from İZBAN, went to their homes in the 30 August District by passing through the site after crossing the road by using the overpass, said, “According to the condominium ownership law, nobody other than those living on the site can use this area. But the subcontractor company, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality gave a job to build the overpass and turn a retaining wall around our site, cut the fences surrounding our site in violation of the zoning plan and opened the way from here. People who go to their homes by passing through the road opened through the site are throwing garbage here. Also, this is not a street or a street, but a site. As the name implies, only site residents use the site. Although the entrance and exit of this site is known, there has been an illegal act here. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality did not take any action for a solution although we applied with a petition. As residents of the site, we will continue our struggle to solve the problem ”.
They gave the petition
Citizens living in Yıldız Site, which consists of 2 blocks and 4 apartments, located opposite the Egekent 84 İZBAN station, took action when the citizens were disturbed. 11 / A block manager Mehmet Dai Can, 11 / B block manager Mustafa Yılmaz, 11 / C block manager Eyüp Gözütok and 11 / D block manager Bülent Oğuztan submitted petitions to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Muhtars Desk in Yıldız Sitesi. In the petition bearing the signature and seal of the headman of 30 Ağustos Neighborhood, Celal Dönmez, “The pedestrian entrance passing through the blocks was put into the plan at the last minute. No knowledge and permissions of the apartment managers were requested for such an application. Citizens using the pass can reach their homes via the gas station or Egekent 2 intersection using the sidewalk. In addition, it is obvious that people who will use the transition between apartments will destroy the greenness of the site. It should not be forgotten that these areas are included in the Article 2 / B of the Property Ownership Law. Therefore, the right to dispose of this place belongs only to the property owners living here. We cannot tolerate the sacrifice of our gardens by constructing sidewalk exit stairs here. "We clearly state that we do not look favorably upon this event and we would like you to consider our requests repeatedly." Yıldız Site 11-D Block Manager Bülent Oğuztan said, “When these works were done, we supported the municipality. They said the fence would continue all the way, but later they built a ladder there. We, as block managers, have put the relevant article in the property ownership law into action. We sent a petition to the Metropolitan Municipality, we want it to be closed. This is not a transit area. The road should not be a passing inn. If he is going to use this place, those who live here should use it, ”he said.

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