Eskişehir YHT Railway Transition Project

Eskisehir YHT Railway Transition Project: Eskisehir YHT Railway Transition Project
Lütfi Elvan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that the test drives continued on the Ankara-İstanbul High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line. Inda When the high-speed train is reached, it can be reached from Eskişehir to Pendik. There are no problems, Herhangi he said.
Elvan, Minister of National Education Nabi Avci and Eskisehir YHT Railway Transition Project on the project, YHT line in the city center of the 2,2 kilometer portion of the transition is provided, he said. Elvan said, ine Our HRCs have started the transition process from this tunnel opened by opening / closing method. I think this makes Eskişehir comfortable Bun.
Elvan stated that Eskişehir has a different importance in the railway sector and that the city has been carrying a ın railway identity Esk for more than a hundred years. Eskişehir-Istanbul YHT on the 2009-2013 mileage test driving studies are continuing, Elvan said, "180 need to reach the kilometer," he said.
Elvan said the train had a small number of examples in the city center, and that one example of this was found in Cordoba, Spain. Elvan stated that this is a very important project in terms of urban aesthetics and environmental sensitivity. He said that they started to work in order to transform the upper part of the line in the city center into a green area.
- Equivalent investment in 5 bin housing
Elvan pointed out that the underground work is strong due to the high water level, “2,2 is a full 145 kilometer bored pile application. 3,5 kilometers of infrastructure, such as drinking water, rain water and sewerage was displaced. 20 has made an investment equivalent to 5 thousand residences to be built in a district of a thousand inhabitants X.
- ıla (Ankara-İstanbul YHT line) will be opened after test drives -
Press members asked the opening date of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT line Elvan, high-speed train ride from Eskisehir to Pendik said that can be reached. . There is no problem here. But security is extremely important to us. The safety of our passengers is important. For that reason, we continue our test drives in accordance with the international standards, O he said.
Elvan stated that they do not want to take risks. If we thought of it as an investment of choice, we would open it. Test drives are extremely important in HRC. We do not want to leave safety hand, Emniyet he said.
Elvan said the opening will take place after the completion of the test drive, said the opening date can not say anything about.
- ılar They cut our cables yesterday and ran away -
Elvan said that even in the last month the cable has been cut 25 times, although the studies have been completed.
Orum I don't know who's doing what. Yesterday, they cut our wires and ran away. Even though we put a security guard on every kilometer, they cut and ran away. Some of these people were caught. One of them was energized that day, passed away. It's a pity for us, but we've completed our work. As a result of test drives, our citizens will be able to travel comfortably and comfortably from Ankara to Eskişehir, from Eskişehir to İstanbul. Our friends are working, no nuisance. The integration of signal systems is extremely important when performing test drives. We also need to certify this. We are currently providing this when we want a certification of 180 kilometers speed. There is no problem. If we want to go 200 kilometers, we're getting certification now. We can start our trains to work, but we want to reach the ultimate goal. If we thought of it as political material, we would open it before the election. Bunu
Elvan told that they will build an exemplary garage building in Eskişehir and that the project works are about to come to an end and the tender will be announced this year.
After the speeches, Elvan and Avci and their delegation went to Bozüyük district of Bilecik from Eskisehir with Piri Reis train where the tests were carried out.
TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman, said in the train, Piri Reis road, rail, ground, electrification, signal, such as 247 separate measurement was done at the same time, he said. Karaman said, her We're currently in the measurement when 180 is heading for miles. But after that, we'il be faster. We're going to do the measurements more quickly. This train is constantly running between Istanbul and Eskisehir. When these tests are finished, Ankara-Istanbul YHT line will be opened Bu.

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