Ski Pleasure in Cıbıltepe: In the Cıbıltepe Ski Center, which is famous for its crystal snow among the Scotch pine forests, the pleasure of skiing is experienced in March.

In the region, the snow thickness was measured as 40 centimeters in the second stage of the slopes.

many vacationers from different cities of Turkey, on the ski slopes in skiing and snowboarding, he enjoys the snow.

Bülent Okay, the general manager of a hotel operating in the ski resort, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, brought the abundance of snow falling in mid-March.

Stating that they had an active season and there was no problem with the snow, Okay said, “The last falling snow extended the season. If the expected rains occur in the coming days, we will be able to host our ski guests in our region until the second week of April. Our reservation purchases continue. Occupancy rates in hotels in the region reach up to 70 percent during the week and up to 95 percent at the weekend. ”

Suat Özbek, who came for skiing from Istanbul, stated that they liked Sarıkamış very much, “We were planning to have an early winter holiday, fortune was this time. We called our friends and said that there was still snow and that the skiing was going on. We did not regret that we came here from Istanbul. ”

Meanwhile, squirrels seen in the branches of scots pine trees also created interesting images.