Deputy Prime Minister Arınç in the seat of the father

In the seat of Deputy Prime Minister Arınç: Passenger flights started in the Kestel Bursaray stage, which was built by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for 120 million lira. While the daily passenger carrying capacity of Bursaray will reach 350 thousand people, the number of passengers will reach one million with the decrease of the trips made in 10 minutes to 3 minutes. Deputy Prime Minister and Government SözcüSü Bülent Arınç praised the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe and said, “We are a government serving this nation. Our heads are high, our foreheads are open. "Our prime minister and his team are working day and night to give more than 50 percent of the vote to the nation."
Although it was not in the 5-year plan of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the length of the rail system in the city reached 40 kilometers with the Kestel rail system phase, which was implemented with local means. While the stops up to Otosansit were opened at 4 stations in the Kestel stage, it was learned that the last two stops will be put into service next week.

Speaking at the ceremony in Otosansit, Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç stated that the share received by Bursa from the public during their government period reached 12 quadrillion and said, “Everyone in Bursa has the right to a happy and safe life. Our duty is to serve. Our government is a servant government. We pay more for the support we receive. We have a high head and forehead. Our conscience is good. Our Prime Minister and his team are working day and night to give more than 50 percent of the vote to the nation. May God make our way and our happiness clear. We see the services of a little more metropolitan cities, as well as the local work of our government. Recep Altepe'nin they do in 5 years with a great success in terms of being first in Bursa in Turkey. Most of the services provided by the metropolitan city are in Istanbul, Ankara, Konya and Kayseri. Services in Bursa have already outlived them. I congratulate Altepe for his diligent services. May Allah be pleased with him. Everyone should be aware of the change. We will open the main arteries so that transportation flows like water. Fortunately, we are achieving a great success in the Kestel stage today. It exceeds these stages, which will exceed 30 kilometers, every day. In urban transportation, Mayor Altepe proves that he is right in every issue he puts forward with various excuses that everybody says "This is not possible". These studies make Bursa breathe ”.

Stating that they have increased the daily carrying capacity to 350 thousand people with the Kestel stage, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe continued his words as follows: “We show that we love Bursa and the people of Bursa through services, not words. The biggest expectation of Bursa residents is transportation. Bursa is a fast growing city. In Bursa, the number of vehicles doubled and reached 2 thousand. If the highway did not open 700 years ago, Bursa would have been locked up. Every day, 8 thousand vehicles pass the road opened by our government. We are building roads that cross Bursa vertically. Çelebi Mehmet Bulvarı will start from Kestel and reach Mudanya. Otosansit will reach Kestel with the bridge and road connections between Değirmenönü. The city's east and west until Labor Görükle up to 30 kilometers from Kestel line with Turkey's per capita metro line will be the highest rate in Bursa. We install escalators and stairs. With the Kestel stage, we increase the daily carrying capacity to 40 thousand. When we double the number of flights, it will reach 350 thousand and triple the capacity of one million passengers. When the trip in 2 minutes decreases to 700 minutes, the number of passengers will reach one million. The world has applied it and we are applying it.

Noting that Bursa will be the center of rail systems, Mayor Altepe said, “Bursa domestic trams also produced metro wagons. They said dead end. It goes everywhere in Heykel. It will soon be in İzmir, Kocaeli, Adapazarı, Diyarbakır, Kütahya, and then Paris Berlin. We do the best and the cheapest. We see the prices given. Although it is the best quality product, the cheapest tram in the world is produced in Bursa. World markets are in our hands. It shows in the best way that Bursa has reached its goals. The Kestel rail line was not in the planning. We will set up sample tram lines here. We open 6 stops. There are four stops in practice today. We open up to Otosansit. An opening of 5 thousand 200 meters. Next week, we will reach Kestel Junction with the other two stops. This line cost 120 million liras. Whatever the expectation of our city is the public distress, we produce solutions. We realize works that have not been realized for years. We do our best to solve problems that have not been solved for years. We also make investments outside the metropolitan borders. It is up to us to support the backward, emigrating regions outside the metropolitan area. We invested in these regions. "We have investments in every corner of the 10 districts currently participating in the metropolitan city," he said.
Bursa deputy Mustafa Ozturk, Bursa Governor Munir Karaloglu, AK Party Provincial Chairman Cemalettin Torun, district mayors, presidential candidates, party members and many citizens participated in the opening. After the ribbons were cut, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc and President Recep Altepe sat in the seat of the patriarch and started the voyages at the Kestel.




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