Snow thickness in Davraz Ski Center exceeded 1

In Davraz Ski Center, snow thickness exceeded 1 meter: At Isparta Davraz Ski Center, snow thickness exceeded 1 meter and reached 115 centimeters. Isparta Culture and Tourism Director Abdullah Kilic, AA correspondent, said the continued Davraz snowing, most Davraz center said that the profits from ski resorts in Turkey.

Emphasizing that he can slide on all 3 tracks in Davraz, Abdullah Kılıç noted that ski lovers showed great interest in the center. Davraz Antalya, Istanbul, Izmir, Konya, explaining Afyonkarahisar from places like excursionists the kayaksever come by land Sword, Isparta Airport in with 3 days a week to do the flight and Turkey reported that in those who want to ski the world's various places. Noting that it is an important feature to be able to ski up to 10 kilometers without interruption at Davraz Ski Center, Kılıç said:

“There is no avalanche risk, no risk of loss here. Transportation is always open, Lake Eğirdir, the weather is perfect with its view. There are non-hazardous routes and trails for people from all walks of skiing. There are tracks about 24 kilometers long. It can slip about 10 kilometers without interruption. This is also important for skiers. More professional skiers or snowboarders can go up to 2 thousand 345 meters and ski on the untouched ski slopes with high adrenaline and exciting ski areas. ” Meteoroj General Directorate, according to data on the website of snow in ski resorts in Turkey, said: Ski Centers Davraz Snow thickness of 115 Erciyes 77 Erzurum Konakli 74 Kartalkaya 51 Bitlis Nemrut 48 Uludag 46 Sarikamish 41 Palandöken 36 Ilgaz 27 Hazarbaba 18 Yıldıztepe 4