Metro prices increased by 50

Prices gained value by metro increased by 50 percent: Investments such as transportation to Istanbul and infrastructure accelerate the development of different parts of the city. Especially in the districts where the rail system projects are realized, there is an increase in the commercial unit prices as well as the housing prices. In this context, according to the research carried out by EVA Gayrimenkul Değerleme, the first metro line of the Anatolian side, which was opened for use in 2012, is 26.5 km long and consists of 16 stations. Kadıköy - Kartal Metro line increased the unit square meter unit sales values ​​on its location by 50%.
15-1.100 square meters of a large range of shops, square meters before and after the date of the opening of the metro line according to the sales value of the unit according to the report, connected to the Marmaray with the Ayrılıkçeşme station, from Kartal to Hacıosman 60 km distance of 79 minutes the line, especially the Goztepe-Icerenkoy axis of high-quality office buildings and shops, such as workplace construction continued.
According to the report, accessibility is increased as a result of the integration of this axis with other metro investments such as Üsküdar - Sancaktepe, which are expected to be completed. Kadıköy-The increase in value in the Eagle regions will continue for a while.
According to the study, which is mentioned that there is more value increase especially in the shops around the station exits with residential and office blocks, KadıköyThe prices of the stores, which are located in the vicinity of Göztepe Metro Station, which are located close to, and where there are brand housing projects, changed in a wide range of 25-200 m², have increased by 50%.
Ground floors are on sale
The shops located at the exit of Kozyatağı Metro Station, which has a shopping mall and office blocks in the immediate vicinity, has become one of the important commercial centers of the Anatolian side and has increased by about 43-55.
In the report, in addition to small-scale shops in the 25-50 square meter range in the region, it is also stated that the stores which are located on the ground floor of the newly built plazas and which are usually leased to corporate firms, are offered for sale.
It is emphasized that the shops located in Bostancı Metro Station, where the residential and office blocks and industrial sites are located in the immediate vicinity, show an increase of about% 43-50.
According to the report, the size of the area in the region as a general store, the mezzanine and basement storey shops were offered as a restaurant or store.

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