5 Mevlana Bridge connecting each other

📩 21/12/2018 17:14

The Mevlana Bridge connecting the 5 Neighborhood is in service: Mevlana Bridge, which connects the 5 neighborhoods in Kepez, built by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality on the Düden Stream, was inaugurated.
Habibler and Dam districts, Waterfalls, Zeytinlik and Altınova connects the neighborhood of Duden.
Mayor Mustafa Akaydın, who attended the opening, said that the bridge is very important for the transportation of the people of the region, ın Our services to Kepez provide economic vitality to the region. Kepez deserves such projects. K 50 meters, 22 wide, 4 foot, 3 grain opening bridge is very important that expresses Akaydın, açık Waterfalls, Dam, Olive, Habipler and Altinova neighborhood with the bridge was very easy transportation. In the continuation of the bridge, this area will be connected to the Airport and Aksu by means of the new roads to be opened. Another connection way of the bridge will allow access to the West Ring Road from Muammer Aksoy Street. Kö
Baraj District Headman Osman Uç thanked Mayor Mustafa Akaydın for bringing the bridge to the neighborhood and said, kazandır If we need to eat three meals, this bridge is so much needed for our people. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this bridge. Bu The headmen gave a plaque to President Akaydın for their services to their districts.
President Akaydın, then cut the opening ribbon of Mevlana Bridge. The opening of the Mevlana Bridge, Provincial General Assembly President Cavit Ari, councilors, neighborhood muhtars and a large number of citizens attended.


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