3. litigation road opened in airport

  1. The case opened in the airport area: The Constitutional Court annulled the very important regulations in the Law on the Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk, which was criticized in the case of the CHP, that it had invalidated the development plans and caused huge rents.
    Among the regulations canceled by the Supreme Court, plans to be made in accordance with the law will not be subject to the restrictions in the Zoning Law and other laws (Olive Growing, Forest Law, Tourism Incentive Law, Cultural and Natural Assets Law, Coastal Law ....) There is also a provision stating that it will be transferred to the administrations and that a suspension of execution decision will not be given in cases filed under this law.
    AYM's cancellation and cancellation decisions will greatly affect the urban transformation practices carried out under the law. In the thousands of cases against the proceedings under this law, the courts can now decide to stop the execution.
  2. litigation road opened in airport
    By using the revoked law, the button was pressed for urban transformation at many points in Istanbul. Fikirtepe, Airport and Zeytinburnu transformations come to mind first. Most of the cancellations made by AYM are 3. It is expected to affect the airport project. Because there was forest land within the area where the airport will be built.
    Ministry of Environment and Urbanization 3 thousand 500 hectares of the airport will be installed in the large part of the airport under 6306 numbered law. Some villages were declared as areas at risk of disaster. However, with this amendment made by the AYM, many people, including the villagers and the landowners living in that area, will be able to take the project to court.




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