165 Million Euro Credit Was Provided for İzmir Tramway Projects

izmir tramway
izmir tramway

165 million-euro loan for Izmir Tram projects: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka and 165 million euros for the tram projects to be realized in Konak and Konak, Kocaoğlu: Kocaoğlu said: “We are running the length of the rail system, which we have purchased with 11 kilometers in Izmir, on the line of 96 kilometers.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka and Konak districts have signed a loan agreement for the tram projects to be implemented.
The 165 million-euro loan provided by the World Bank International Finance Corporation (IFC), the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Ing Bank was signed with a ceremony among the financial institutions of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu in his speech at the signing ceremony of the loan agreement held at the Historical İzmir Gas Plant, stated that the municipality, which was in a very troubled position when they came to office, had the opportunity to finance the 10 in their annual process.

As a municipality, Büyükoğlu said that the priority of environment and transportation investments is to implement sustainable development target. they have heard.

Kocaoglu, the sea for the transportation of ships for use only in the sea of ​​the investment they pointed to the size of 360 million pounds, said:

“Today, we realize the 4th loan agreement with IFC. The total loan amount we have signed up to now has reached 320 million Euros. According to our legislation, the amount that can be borrowed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is around 4 times. Of course we will borrow as much as we can pay. We are in a position to meet both the principal and the interest of the loan we received. We definitely cover our consumption-free and non-returning expenditures from the municipal budget and our own resources. This ensures that our financial structure continues strongly. ”

Transportation problem will be solved by sea and rail transportation

IFC loan to buy the car ferry and catamaran ships began to come, again, in February, 26 tender projects in the tender to provide loans to the project that aims to begin as soon as possible explaining Kocaoglu, said:

“We also have many other transportation projects. If we increase the rail system and sea transportation in transportation, we will solve many problems. We have subway projects, our suburban line project that will extend from Bergama to Selçuk, Konak, Karşıyaka We have projects to scan. We will also do tram work in Buca and Bornova. At Kordon, we have a single line nostalgia tram idea. We will do all this step by step. Today, we run the length of the rail system, which we have purchased with 11 kilometers in İzmir, on the line of 96 kilometers. The length of the line will be 15 kilometers on the 97th of this month, 30 on April 100, and the Torbalı line will be 30 kilometers on 130 June. We aim to increase this 130 kilometers to 5 kilometers at the end of the next 302 years. ”

Kocaoğlu said that as Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, they said that they said “We are from Izmir” and that they are from Izmir, despite everything they did, and that they signed the slogan with the loan agreement they signed.

“We explained our problem to Marko Pasha”

Aziz Kocaoğlu, in his speech, addressed IFC Senior Investment Officer Marco Sorge in a humorous language and said, "We always told Marko Pasha as in the Ottoman period."

Sorge also thanked Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kocaoğlu for the cooperation and flexibility he established with them.
In this way, Sorge pointed out that they reached a conclusion in the loan agreement negotiations in a short period of 6 months.

AFD Country Director for Turkey Bertrant Willocquet the Izmir they are familiar with earlier transportation projects, that in a leading city positions on sustainable development with projects put forward and expressed that they are happy to provide support to this project as an agency.
After the speeches, the loan agreement was signed between the parties.

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